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I'm loving it so far..I have only played like 4 missions in the campaign, I want to start multiplayer but without anyone getting mad at me or something like that since I'm new to starcraft. So I'm wondering if anybody wants to play just keep in mind I'm new. And if i posted in the wrong place I'm sorry, I looked at all the forum titles and this looked like it be best to post in.
You will find more bronze players (at least as a percentage) here than anywhere else in the forums.
My advise is to complete the campaign on normal difficulty and to try your hand at the challenges. That'll give you a solid start for getting the SC2 mechanics down to pat.
I figure, if you can do the final Prophecy level on Brutal without using air units and build up a solid economy, you'll do fine as a Protoss.

Seriously, though, the campaign is actually not gonna help competitively. Warning you now.
"Actually, I'm in gold just be Zealot rushing everyone. Too bad I had to help my mom when I entered my gold match, or I'd be in Platinum. I seriously think it was a fluke of me getting to gold though."
I am a solid gold player, should be plat by now but after a season lock, it placed me in lower gold and I haven't been able to make it up since my computer died. Had to get an older one that doesn't play SC


Every so often I get to play on my friends though.

DO NOT skip the practice league! Play all 50 games. Work on Macro/micro. Get used to the game with the campaign. But down turn to the campaign for practice.
"I skipped practice league after about 28 games."
I skipped it after three games, it was the worst mistake ever.

It's just not fun when you can't beat the lowest bronze player. If you play all 50 practice league games, watch some youtube vid's and stuff, you should come out top bronze.
Feel free to add me if you want any help learning the game. I'm Bronze, so I should be close enough.
Heya Primarch. KrOza here. I'm solid Silver. By solid, I mean I totally lose to the top eight of Bronze.. e.e No, but seriously. I play a lot of two's with friends who are bronze league. No shame in being new. I'd be happy to do two's with you, or even play some practice games, or help out by watching some of your replays. I'm not a pro, or anything close. But I still might be able to help out. Lemme know!


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