Separatist Space, V

Joeyray's Bar
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The man holds the back of his neck. "That could be a problem..."


I read it, you said you didn't need DMing, so I left you alone.


That is something that needs to be said... in the DISCUSSION THREAD
I sigh.

"My...natural defenses are quite strong...erm, sorry if I wasn't what you were expecting..."
"No, no, its just..." The man thinks for a second. "It's my job to defend the Council with all the resources I have. Once I pass it is vital that someone worthy replaces me. If the person is thought to be worthy but later proves otherwise..."

"What natural defenses do you have?" He asks in an attempt to change the subject.
I nod and lead her off the ship, up an elevator and out a hidden door. "Here's the first spot. Jared O'Neil, Omega 3. Death by imploding psionic. He actually shoved me out of the way as the guy died, saying I deserved to live on." The ground was extremely singed and it was obvious that nothing would grow there for a long time, if ever again. "Some days I'm not sure that's true."
My voice still kind of awkward and unconfident, I answer.

"I...can shoot Acid, and I have these claws..."I say, revealing the 6-inch dagger like claws.

Samantha doesn't know exactly how to react, so she tries to just remain attentive. Not sure how to respond when he said "Some days I'm not sure that's true." Samantha just examined Joey's face carefully and waited until he was ready to move on.


Andrew raised his eyebrows and nodded, "Yeah, that'd suck to get hit by those babies..."
I nervously smile.

"Yeah....Not that I've ever used them that much."
After a few minutes of looking at the spot, I shake myself awake from the revelry. "Come on, let's go. I've got three more spots before we go." I lead the way into the jungle, taking what appears to be a well worn path. I hope they were right...I let people die so I could find Sam...maybe...maybe I should have gone to the Separatists first...No, it's done and over and I'd do it the same way if I had another chance. Still, there are other aspects about my life that are questionable.

Andrew concealed his emotions nicely. Mostly because they were non-existent. "So how much combat experience do you have? Any training?"


Samantha held back her own baggage and tried to focus on Joey. This was the time to learn all that she could about his past. This was the key to knowing him all the more and that is what Sam wanted. To know Joey better then he knew himself.

She watched and followed as he led the way deeper into the forest. I can't help but wonder what he's thinking about.
"In combat? Nothing special, but my people generally know how to fight at least a little bit."
So who's Uriel?
Darkra, you said you didn't want me to DM it! Besides, I don't know where you are or what your doing. Or who Uriel is!


Andrew sighed, "Well, I can fix that... I hope. Follow me." He walked to the elevator.
I follow along, waddling rather awkwardly compared to the big man in front of me.
The Phantom arrives at the Citadel. Meridia quickly slowly decelerates and comes to a stop in the hangar. She changes the ship into a mech. As she goes to equip her armor she realizes she had forgotten it. "Perduint eam." She speaks quietly. She sees she hadn't forgotten her Lightning Spear and grabs it. She keeps it at full length and stays ready to strike and alert. If only she had brought the cloaking device at least. She exits the Phantom, baring her sharp fangs to scare off anyone who planned on bothering her.
After a few minutes of walking, we arrive at a clearing with a stone cross in the center. "Phil Walaby, Omega 4. Death in hand to hand combat against a super strong foe. Won the fight with fatal wounds and died three minutes after the enemy's body quit twitching." I sigh. "He took the fight over from me, knocking me out of the way of a fatal thrust and finishing the bastard. He had a knife wound to the heart, the left lung, and a gash across his left jugular. And the man just kept fighting. Died in Carrie's arms." I look at the cross and tears come to my eyes, unbidden. The scene was flashing through my memory, Phil leaping between me and that behemoth's blade. He'd caught a good left hook to my gut and was using it to his advantage. Phil had made the difference.

The man stepped into the elevator and waited until Alida was in before pushing the bottom floor. It quickly became awkward with the silence that engulfed the small elevator. Andrew cleared his throat.

"You are- eh... uh.. hrm" He cleared his throat again. "Very pretty." He said, holding back any blush that might occur. "For a bug, I mean." The man stretched to make it seem casual and natural.

"Just... thought you might want to know.."


OOC: Are you attacking the Citadel? Lol, a little confused.


Samantha noticed his tears and put her hand on his back. "We don't have to do this." She said sympathetically.
"No. She is returning. But the lack of armor makes her a little more fierce, because it is a powerful source of protection. And being lacking in armor would also make her physical stature appear."
I shake my head, wiping my tears away. "No, it's fine. I owe it to them. One last stop, where Carrie and Veronica died, then we'll head back to that Citadel." I lead the way deeper in, silent for a long time before looking at Sam. "So, what do you think, seeing me this way? I know it makes me seem less of a man..."

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