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"No. She is returning. But the lack of armor makes her a little more fierce, because it is a powerful source of protection. And being lacking in armor would also make her physical stature appear."
OOC: so i guess i'm still on the ship of raven's :P sry for derping so hard. imma say i shut down in a corner if that's ok with you guys

IC: i powered back up. the rest helped me a lot as the injuries i had suffered were not as severe as before.

IC: "Well, umm, thanks? You are...ummm, very handsome?" I say with a lot of awkwardness, trying to simply be nice.

Lol, that took a second. Finally getting used to you using quotes for regular speak.

Okay well you look like you're about to murder someone and you didn't ask permission to dock so... expect retaliation :P

You posted twice?



Samantha shakes her head, "I think of you differently now." She said with a smile, rubbing his back. "I thought you were a heartless super soldier. I'm glad you are proving that you do, in fact, have a heart. Not that I ever doubted, but a good reminder is nice."

She paused, "Besides, crying doesn't mean you're weak, it simply means you have been strong for too long."


OOC: Not trolling but still couldn't resist. You said yourself she is pretty for a Saeculum and besides, its funny as heck!! :P


"I didn't mean like- I was-" He clears his throat again. "I was simply saying that you are not repulsive like every other bug I've met." He rubs the bridge of his nose and shakes his head. The elevator door opens.

"Nevermind..." He says with a scowl. You can't even talk to bugs! You can smash skulls without flinching but as soon as you open your mouth...
I nod in thanks and stop, a good ten meters from where the final objective had been. And the hardest memories were. "This is just short of where Carrie and Veronica died. It's...not exactly pretty."
"I didn't think you-.....sorry. My fault, anyway...where are we going?" I say, trying to put that in the past.

Samantha follows closely behind waving her hand in her face in an attempt to gain extra oxygen. She, too, was fighting back the urge to cry. I forgot to put my makeup on... That was a random thought...


"The training room. I need to see how far this 'instinct' of yours will carry you." He climbed into the driver seat of a shikato coup.
Meridia looks at the security. "Let me through, ydiote."
"Who are you?" A guard asks, he then examines your body. "What are you?"
I go into the passenger seat.

"Oh, well, I can't really do much without hurting you, sadly. And I certainly wouldn't wish to do that."
The man began to laugh, "Not me, no. I do not wish to go toe to toe with you." He said with a grin.

"But that's what you're going to teach me..." He said with all seriousness.
"I am Meridia. And I am Ral'zar, now let me pass." She answers, somewhat aggressively, the lack of armor made her feel exposed. And she disliked that much.
The guard stepped in front of her. "Why do you think you can just land wherever you want without permission?" He asked, eyeing her weapon.
"Oh, well, okay." I say.
"Because the attack earlier on killed one of my guards, and I left to give her the proper respect she deserves, so I come back to take the place I was at before I had left." Meridia replies, her voice raising in volume.
I part the bushes and step forward, letting Sam through. When she turns around, she see's the ruins of an outpost with two more stone crosses in the middle and skeletons of human looking foes with spines along their arms and horns in their head all around. "This is the resting place of Carrie Holms, Omega 5, and Veronica Giovanna, Omega 2. We assaulted this final objective, Carrie getting caught in a melee fight with some of the outpost guards, and Veronica covering me while I set the charges. We came out to see in time to see Carrie get run through the heart, though she managed to take her killer with her. She was dead by the time we got to her body. Veronica was also stabbed, but managed to hold them off until the outpost blew, then she fell to the ground, succumbing to her wounds. I managed to finish the stragglers. She died in my arms." The tears returned. "Before we'd left on the mission, I guess they'd made a unanimous decision to make sure I survived to find you. I guess," I chuckle, the tears starting to fall, "that they'd heard me praying to find you some day. None of them had any one but the squad left family wise, and Carrie and Veronica were together until the end." I smile, remembering the Friday night card games. "When we last met, I was a lone wolf merc, right up until Project Cerberus. Then I was introduced to my squad and that all changed. Being Omega one and team leader...they were like my family, and between the memories of you and them, I stayed sane." The tears started flowing. "They all died to save me, so I could find you."

The carride became awkward soon after silence creeped in. "So..." He began, "How do you know Ulna?"


The guard sighed and looked at her ship. "Whatever, just ask for permission next time. It's up to five thousand credits in fee's if you dont." The guard reminded, pointing his finger. He stepped aside.


OOC: Epic wall of text.


Samantha held his head in her hands and sniffled, "At least their sacrifice was not in vain." She felt like kissing him all over but she felt he wasn't in the mood. She wouldn't be in the mood at a time like this so she assumed he wasn't. She wiped his tears with her thumb.

"I would be lost and dead without you, Joey." She said, peering into his eyes with her misty brown eyes. She blinked away tears and hugged him.

"Thank you Omega squad..." She whispered into his chest.
"Umm, I met her when the black peace attacked. I was in the council room at the time."
He stiffened and images of the prettiest girl he had ever seen kicking his !@ floated into his mind. His eyes darted around and his head remained frozen..

"Yeah... I... wasn't having a good day that day... I got my !@# handed to me by the most beautiful girl..." He said looking out the window.


Lol, Sam and Dave kicked their butts :P
Meridia entered. She was quite close to cutting him down and stepping over his corpse. She continues down the street, looking for the Council building. Every time someone started staring at her she would turn her head toward them and bare her fangs and hiss, scaring them off.

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