Separatist Space, V

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I return the hug, resting my head on hers, the tears flowing freely in a way they hadn't since that day three years ago. "Thank you guys," I whisper, "For reminding me that life is worth living." After several minutes, I pull back, wiping the tears from my face. "We should go. The Separatists need to know what we do."

OOC: That was an epic piece of writing if I do say so myself. I'm liking how this is going.
Agreed. Good side plot.

Samantha nodded and followed Joey out. She didn't say anything because she knew her voice would quiver and she would bust into tears.


Agreed, well written :D

Poor war, are you just waiting until the main plot resumes? The main plot will resume as soon as Joey and Sam get back to the Citadel and talk with Scout... or at least try to talk with scout >:)
OOC: I liked it, but where's the response to me?!
Nah... I'm just putting off a little subplot of my own... don't really feel like writing it.

...In fact.. I think I'll save it for later...

If I have to kill someone out of the BP, I'mma slap you.

IC: I lead the way back to the ship and take off, dodging the occasional rocket as we exit atmosphere and make the jump to warp space. I face Sam. "Thank you. For being there and understanding."
{Station, Assembler 1245830. Council Tower is nearing completion. Time required: 130.89425 minutes. Variation of 1.242 minutes.} A robotic voice comes over the communication systems.
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If I have to kill someone out of the BP, I'mma slap you.


Or, more specifically;

12/04/2012 07:22 PMPosted by Zarkun

What is "BP"?
Black Peace -_-'

...... i keep expecting markus to ...... detonate at the new char sheet i posted for kit ......

*looks around for mark* meh time for bed see yall tommorrow night ..... literally .... i go from school to helping PIN to work ....... gona be a god damn LONG day for me ..... and only an hour of forums ....... ehhh maybe i wont help PIN tomorrow ..... ill decide while i sleep and ill still miss 5 hours of you all pounding the pavement on this ...... sigh ...... mark i guess if you want a group of mozan in your training area your in charge of em less im here :P

I responded to you... Bottom of page 20.


Sam smiled, "It's the least I can do."


{Understood, thank you.}


BP is Black Peace, but I am also unsure what Zarkun meant by that.


I will not control them, although I think you will get the chance to :)
its rather obvious ..... he does NOT want to kill separatists .... and now good night ..... bye ....


I will not control them, although I think you will get the chance to :)

well unless Dac is on tomorrow around 3-4:30 pm USEastern or after 10pm USEastern .... or that subplot waits till thursday after 4:30 pm USEast then ya sure i can control em ...... otherwise ...... no ...... ok thats it good fing night people ....
"Oh, interesting....that's.....too bad."
I smile. "So, what's this big deception you were telling me was over the Separatists on the way to Tarnis?" I wasn't sure if now was a good time to ask about her past, so I'd wait a little longer.

He waited a while to respond. He was deep in thought. "I wonder if I will ever see her again..."

OOC: Remember that Alida probably remembers Sam from being the one to kick all their asses and it wouldn't be a far stretch to say she connects the dots :P


Samantha walks over to the co-pilots chair before answering. Seating it in comfortably she closes her eyes and begins to speak.

"All the Separatists are under the influence that Captain Luis is dead. All except Lt. Scout. Lt. Scout is not a politician. He is not doing a good job at convincing the supreme council. He prefers busting in meetings uninvited and cramming his opinion down other's throats."

"I think the council is finally starting to believe him. At least until they find proof otherwise. What we need to do is find the truth. If Luis is behind all of this, the races will unite and Lt. Scout will lead them to victory once again. If not, Lt. Scout must be silenced..."

she ended with a deep breath.

"You okay?" She asked, cocking her head.
"Who.....who was it? It wasn't that one girl, the one who held the council hostage....right? Samantha I think was her name."
He stiffened again, "I wouldn't know her name, Mate. I do believe she presumed to hold the council hostage, yes."

It took him a second but he finally connected the dots.

"How do you know her name?"
"I'm fine. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say Scout's right. Luis key coded everything to his eye and fingerprint. At least that's what Pegasus is saying on the comms. I'd have to see it myself to believe it. The reason I believe it's him, is that no one else is capable of doing to those freighters what he does and did." I shake my head. "For now, let's give them what I have and let them chew on it."
"Oh...ummm, well......." She let out a slight chuckle.

"Huh, funny story that is...uhh." Her voice extremely nervous at this point.

"Agreed, I also got the mission to assassinate Scout. Why would someone want Scout dead besides Luis? It just adds up. Besides, only the best of the best pirates can do what he does. And he does it well."

Samantha gets tense all of the sudden. "As soon as you release the information, if Luis is behind this, I will be on the top of his hit-list."


Andrew drilled Alida, "Spit it out, kid." He said with his thick Scandinavian accent.
I chuckle. "No, because I'll blame Pegasus Corporation for finding out, and they'll be at the top of his hit list. Trust me, I've figured this out." We exit warp and I gaze at the Citadel before opening a channel. {Citadel Control, this is Joey Carta in the ship Wandering Star. Mind patching me through to your Council members? I have information they'll want to hear.}

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