Separatist Space, V

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How do I get out of this one without giving her up? I still need to give her a chance.

Alida had always been a bad liar, and now was no exception.

"Oh...I uhhh, I asked Ulna who it was."

Samantha opened her mouth to protest but then froze, "Hm... That's pretty genius!"

the controller on the other end sighed, {You have no idea how often I get this...} He said depressingly, {I will decide whether it is good enough to go to the councilors.}


The man drilled Alida even harder, "Your lying skills are as bad as my stealth skills." He says bluntly. "And believe me, I blend in like an elephant."

It wasn't a stretch, the man was huge and muscular.
I chuckle into the line. {Tell you what, you patch me through to Ulna, and I'll put in the good word for you to get some kind of promotion. All I need is a name. Hell, I could even wire a few hundred credits to your account.}
I sit there kind of awkwardly, realizing what trouble I might soon be in.

{Sounds like a deal, but remember I know exactly what ship you fly, you'd be wise not go against your word. The name's Joshua Ruins.} He whispered. {Ulna's personal assistant is the closest thing I can get, I doubt you will have any trouble with her though.}

While the line was on hold Samantha glared at Joey. "Well look who has smooth words now?" She said teasingly, folding her arms and leaning on one leg.


"What?" He asked, holding his hand to his ear. He knew she hadn't said anything yet but she wanted to give her a second chance.
"I mean...uhhhh...."

A random girl, or you?

"I'm sorry." I say solemnly and simply. "I can explain...but at the same time, I simply can't right now."
I chuckle. "This information is too valuable to risk letting the wrong people get a hold of. Let's just say he's getting his credits, and I'll see what I can do about his position." The line finishes switching over. "I need to speak to Ulna. Now." My voice was dead serious and the tone inferred that it wasn't up for debate.

Samantha shrugged

Silence was heard on the other end for many seconds. "I'm sorry, who is this?"


"No, its fine I just want to hear your side of the story! Nothing wrong with that right?" He asked in his thick scottish accent.
"Someone with information that can make a difference. Now, patch me through." The computer had already found and filed a recommendation for Joshua Ruins to be promoted and five thousand credits were wired to his account.
She felt pressure mounting on her for an answer, she understood how bad this looked, and how it somehow implicated her with the Black Peace.

"I...I just can't say."

"You're the eighth person this week that has said that, most of them were prank calls, the others were random facts that she already knew. Ulna is the busiest person an the Citadel. I'm afraid I can only schedule an appointment or you can waste my time and tell me what information will make a difference."

Her sarcasm and frustration dripped off of every word.


Andrew smiled, "This is gettin' good!" He said, "Go on, I promise your secret is safe with me!"
"Look lady, I only have so much patience for incompetence and you stink of it so much, I can smell you through the channel. I don't waste my time calling important people unless my information is sufficient. Now, patch me through, or I'll hack my way in and there won't be a damn thing you can do about it." My voice was thicker with annoyance then the secretary's had been, but Sam can see the smile on my face as I faked my way through each line.
She started to crack under the pressure, then suddenly screamed at him, "NO!". Then calmly sat back down.

"...I'm...sorry, I...don't know what just got into me."

Sam couldn't help but slip a giggle. The Secretary sighed, "Well at least if you do turn out to be a prank caller I can file you with a misdemeanor. I hope you have some real news." She said with a cheerful attitude that would make a truly angry person cringe. The line came on hold.


Ulna was in the middle of a conversation with an old friend on the phone when her palm calm began vibrating.

"Okay, I have to go... Okay bye." Ulna sighed and hung up the phone. She examined the hologram her palm-comm was displaying and it showed a picture of a beautiful blonde girl with blue eyes. Her secretary. She pushed the center button and her voice was fully audible.

"We got another one claiming to have galaxy changing information." She said with a monotone. Her grin could be heard through her voice. Ulna sighed,

"Patch him through, I guess." Kind of bored anyways...


Andrew examined Alida carefully, "Boy, you must 'ave quite the secret. Go on, don't worry my lips are sealed."
"No, please...stop asking." I say, in a semi-annoyed voice now.
The line changes and I sigh. "About damn time. I understand your people have suffered the loss of multiple frigates and three colonies. I can tell you, confirmed by sources I can discuss later, who it is. First, however, link the other councilors to this call. You aren't getting anything til then." I looked at Sam. "Hopefully they listen."

Ulna laughed, "Listen kid, if this is about the investigation, its Lt. Scout's responsibility, not mine. Why do you think we appointed a chief detective? Well that's him. Getting all five of us on a conference call? How about you tell me what this is about and I'll call a meeting about it."


"Oh, C'mon... What's the big deal?" He asked with a huge grin.
"No meetings. Black Peace operatives are in your secure Station right now, and the meetings are most likely bugged. We talk on the line, or I let you all burn." The resolve and deadly promise come through my voice strong and clear. "I know more about this issue then you'll believe."
"I said no, and that's the final answer. Please, leave me alone about it..." I say in a rather quiet voice.

"Alright, tell me what you have to say and I will pass it on. Come on, man! You wont even give me a name, ID, nothing! For all I know you are Captain Luis himself dropping in to give me some false information! Or maybe you are not Captain Luis but something far worse but you want me to think your Captain Luis! Or maybe you're just a prank caller who knows a lot about hacking and voice impersonations! Or maybe you are a sick twisted evil agent who's assignment is to confuse and distract a council member and... Oh my God if that's the case you are doing a mighty fine job..."


"Okay..." He said returning his gaze to the road. "Boy, what I'd give to see her again on good terms..." He said, mostly to himself.

"You know I wonder if..." He stopped because he hadn't thought through what he wanted to say.

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