Separatist Space, V

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"I did not find them with my eyes, unfortunately. Thank you for your assistance, officer."

Tyrgone climbs into the vehicle sent for him.
{Station, Assembler 2408252. Repairs on Tower completed. Moving to next area.} A robotic voice says over the communications network. The bots then spread from the tower, heading out to other spots of the station in need of repairs.
I shake my head, chuckling. "Names Joey Carta, former employee of Pegasus Corporations and freelance mercenary. The information I have pertains to the war you're about to plummet head first into."

The officer watches with a puzzled face as Tyrgone drives away.


{Understood, thank you Vaxarus}


"And how did you come about this information? 'Freelancer?"
"Let's just say my former employer's networks aren't as secure as they think. Now, either you get the other councilors on the line, or I'm turning right back around and leaving your pompous @sses to burn." By this point I really was annoyed, and it was showing on my face.
Ulna cleared her throat, "At this point, unless you have something serious to say this is considered a misdemeanor, so I will give you this one chance to hang up and charges will not be pressed. If you do have real information, however, please stand by as I patch you through."

One by one all of the Council members came on.

"Yes what is it? What?" Anderson's agitated voice game on. The rest of the councilors were similarly angry, but Anderson was the only one to show it.
"You're being attacked by the Black Peace and Captain Luis himself. Pegasus Corporations has confirmed it. No one else can do what he does to your missing freighters. Nor could anyone else use his equipment. He keyed it to himself and no one else. No one else would want Lieutenant Keith Scout dead, as there were two recent assassination attempts on him. So, what's your response?" I knew it was a stupid question, but I asked it none the less. "Oh, and there is an agent of the Black Peace in the station right now, and I can find him for a price."
Nilus' grin could be heard through his voice. "You seem to know what you are talking about Mr..."

[Insert your response here. If you decide to carry on talking, disregard the rest of this post. I feel it's a waste if I post one sentence that all you're going to respond to is one, maybe two words. However, I want to give you the opportunity to interrupt. Interruption is what makes conversations interesting and its hard to do that in a RP.]

"Right, yes. So do you have any proof? You said Platipus Corporations confirmed it, where is this confirmation." Nilus asked as if this meeting was planned.

"The assassination attempts on Scout could be anything! He probably has himself in deep and it's finally caught up to him." Anderson said with a bite.

"What price are we talking, Mr. ___?" Rohan asked seriously.
I chuckle, always fun to hear Pegasus made fun of. "First of all, Mister Anderson, Scout isn't in deep in anything but the investigation. Luis is alive. However," I say, silencing all of them, "I'm not going anywhere near the Pegasus facility, now, or ever. Not after the last time. I can promise you it's him. My price, Mister Rohan, is 5k credits and the charges against my friend Samantha and all occurances forgotten. I'll then proceed to land, find the man, and hand him over. What happens after that is to be left up to me." I think for a moment. "And the name is Joey Carta."
All five council members secretly write all of that down.

"How do you know what Scout is in? I say he is the mole." Anderson was obviously grumpy about something, but then again, he was always grumpy about something.

"How do you know Luis is alive? Or even better, how do we know Luis is alive?" Rohan asks.

Ulna does what she does best, stay's quiet and gains allies.

Nilus' question silenced them all.

"Who's Samantha?"
"Think back to the interrogation room, Ulna. I think you'll know who she is." I then think carefully on the question of Luis. That would be harder to answer. "Who else knows your supply lines, and what freighters are carrying what than Luis? Who else would be able to disable your ships the way he does? No one. He has his equipment protected by a retinal and fingerprint scanner. And I know what Scout is in because Pegasus knows. I have a direct line to their comm lines and other such information sharing channels."
"Samantha is a Black Peace assassin we captured." Ulna says softly. It didn't make Joey look good that he wanted charges wiped on a Black Peace assassin. "She escaped this afternoon."

"Many other things could know our supply lines and freighters and lots of things could cause these things to happen to our ships." Anderson said loudly. It was the only logical thing he had said so far.

"Nothing we know of can do what has been happening except for Captain Luis, he has a point." Rohan defended.

"Wait-wait-wait, so we are all going to give in because one freelancer called and said so?" Yuuk said with a questioning tone.

"The assassination attempts on Scout do prove something whether we like it or not. Scout is not in any monkey business. We owe him that much." Ulna began. The rest of the council was silent. It was pretty well known Ulna was the wisest of the five. But she did not have a special trait like each of the other council members did.

"You may be right mr. Carta, but you defending a Black Peace agent and wanting credits ruins your credibility."

Samantha rested her head in her hand. Ulna had a great point, as usual and if Sam hadn't existed they might have believed by now. Sam was ruining Joeys credit.
Yuuk suddenly gets a call from Kor'Tyrgone.

I'll let you fill in the content yourself.
What content am I filling?
"Actually, I can send you all copies of Sam's mercenary record and proof that while Black Peace was paying her, only her partner, the man I'm offering to capture, knew who was behind the paycheck." I take a steadying breath, then push on, the computer sending them all Sam's mercenary history. "Sam has been working on low intel, ghost payment contracts for the last three years. Because she was a mercenary of high interest, Pegasus made a point to keep tabs on her in case they wanted her for one of their Programs. I used them to try and find her over the last three years and finally caught up to her here on the Citadel in the aftermath of the Black Peace attack. I came in, blasted the nice set of holes in your interrogation room walls and got her off the station. Your guards met the stinger wall in the spaceport entrance. My point is, you're looking in the wrong direction and grasping at straws and pointing fingers so you don't have to accept the truth."
I just meant that you could probably guess what Tyrgone had to say.

Silence engulfed the councilors. "Um... right." Anderson finally said to break the silence. "So all of this just to say that it is in fact Captain Luis?"

"Thank you Mr. Carta." Ulna said, purposely cutting off Anderson. "We will keep your offer in mind and discuss it in private. Your little friend Sam gave us quite a lead and Im not sure your offer is needed. Thank you for your time."

"Do you have anything else to say, Jim?" Anderson asked.

Samantha was shaking her head and pretending to cut her head off with her hand, "Don't screw it up now, Joey..." She whispered.

OOC: Just to clarify, Dave happens to be on the station. He is not a mole or anything though. Sam was the mole >_> But I will just wait and see if anyone notices any differences. :P


Oh you mean with Aga and Aer? Yeah there is going to be an emergengy meeting about a few things:

1) Their deaths
2) The lead Sam gave
3) Their plan to act on the Lead Sam gave.
4) Finallizing the discovery that it is, in fact, Luis behind all of this.
"I'll be waiting to hear from you." I close the channel and look at Sam, grinning from ear to ear. "Well, that could have gone worse."
Just figured Tyrgone would call Yuuk first with the news.
And then they'll have to find Aurora so she can be his "replacement".

IC: Alexandria was moving quickly through the crowd, she continued to remember, she remembered about being a Wetwork operative and then facing face to face with another human being, a male. Pulling the trigger, throwing the dead body onto the ground and sitting in the chair.

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