Separatist Space, V

Joeyray's Bar
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"You wonder if what?" I say, curiously.
"Could somebody please find mistress Aurora?" Tyrgone asks. "I believe I Should be the one to tell her."
Meridia finds herself at the Council building. She walks in, her Lightning Spear ready to be thrusted.

"Yes it could have." Samantha said, returning the smile. "You said you know of the mole in the Separatists? You know that I was the mole, right?


OOC: Yea he probably would


"Yes, sir." The driver said, then into his radio, "I have Councilor Tyrgone I need to talk to Aurora, please give me a location, over."


He turns to you and smiles wickedly, "Could you contact her again?"


Not sure what you're looking for, SF. Nobody is in there.
"Who? Samantha? I'm afraid I could not."
I shake my head. "I never said I knew about the mole, simply that there was a Black Peace operative in their Station. Doesn't mean he's spilling information, now does it?"
Dipping her hand in the picket of an unsuspecting victim, she pulled out a credit chit. Alexandria had smiled. She was going to buy new clothing and buy some new equipment... Information was the game as she remembered, and so were targets.
"Nothing. She is being cautious and checking the area out."

Meridia relaxes as no one is in there. She then looks at the area around the doors. Vi'ria's violet blood splattered across the ground from whatever had attacked her. Her wounds must have been deeper than they appeared, and at a major artery. She then searches the rest of the ground floor for any signs of what attacked, and what may have happened.

The man grunted, "Oh well... Man she was something though..."


Samantha let out a few giggles, "You are a tricky one." She said, teasingly pushing his shoulder.

OOC: Come to think of it, Joey and Sam should have gotten it on when they had the chance. The romantic setting was perfect. Hopefully we can get another setting like that. :S
"I did notice that she was quite beautiful, though did not take much note of it. Anyway, how much further is it?"
@Mark & Zarkun;
I've got a bit of char development & interaction that I could do, but it would end up involving Sam & Joey.. Cool with it?
Lol, I can think of something easily >:) And yeah, I'm fine with it.

IC: I chuckle and lean back, watching the various ships move about the Citadel. "You know, for having a massive and advanced mass driving station, they sure aren't too bright."
o_o ... right. but this could be amusing... esp. if I time it right.... :P

(Joey's ship receives an incoming comm call...)

"Just around the corner." He said, turning the corner. He parked the car and exited the vehicle. "Home sweet home!" He said with wide arms, gazing upon a run down building with the sound of combat on the inside.


Samantha giggled, "Oh stop, they're the smartest people in the Citadel, they just have to be cautious."


Not sure what you're planning but as long as it doesn't screw up any story line I'm down :)
"All I'm saying is that they knew deep down it was Luis, and not a one admitted it. Still, I guess they are pretty smart."
I exit the vehicle and follow him.


"Can you imagine the catastraphe if everyone thought it was Luis and it happened to be much, much worse?"

[Communication comes in from whomever]


He walks inside the building and there are people of every race, faction and tribe training. "Okay, first off, let's see what you can do." He began, stopping in front of a punching bag.

"Give it your best."
I had moved quickly through the halls, no one had followed me but they found the body. It's time for me to play my part in pretending I had not done a thing to him.


Alexandria then remembered another great detail, there was a secret safehouse in the station's equivalent of a sewer system.
I unleash my claws, jump at the punching bag and begin ripping it to shreds.
Andrew widened his eyes. "Whoa there tiger, alright then, I get it. That would suck to be that punching bag." He said with a belly-laugh.

"What about that one over there?" He asked pointing to a target ten feet away. "You said something about acid."

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