Separatist Space, V

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I pull up from the punching bag, thankful that I could once more release some of the pressure of being a politician, except I wasn't one anymore...I could finally make a difference.

"Yes, I can shoot Acid." I say, spit a bit on the target, which begins rapidly getting a huge hole in it.
Andrew nods, "Not bad little bugger." He says with a grin. Then he teasingly backhands Alida's shoulder, "Not bad little bugger." He says again.

"So... What would you say your biggest weakness is?"
OOC: I meant target, so edited. You confused me with, "Now how about that one over there?", because it sounded like you were implying another punching bag.
I edited too :)
"I'm not sure, I suppose long ranged gunfights, because my acid only goes so far." I say, smiling a bit.
Andrew frowned, "Then you need to learn stealth and speed." He said triumphantly.
"I can get around."
"Hopefully it isn't worse." I turn to the comm and answer. "What's your answer?"
{Sorry, but you've mistaken me for someone else... Perhaps you should pay closer attention to your caller's ID, and the security of your own comm line.. especially given the.. delicate nature of your last comm call...}
A female voice replies with a laugh.
Bythorceos stops sparring and watches Alida. As he watches he estimates her size and starts thinking of whether he could get her some armor or not. Hmmm she is good for a Saeculum. Though she could use some armor and i dont think the Terrans have any experience with quadrupeds. "Keep training you all im going to check this Saeculum out." Bythorceos says to the other Mozan before walking over to alida and the COG.

OOC: *facedesk* gahhh got this and IGWR mixed up :P fixed the mix up though
I look at the person approaching me.

"Hello." I say simply, in a cordial tone.

OOC: I...don't need armor, I have it naturally...
"You've got thirty seconds to ID yourself and what you want."

OOC: No one but the council heard the last call. Sorry, but it messes with my plot point if it doesn't.
Don't worry, she's not going to tell anyone.

Another silvery laugh;
{Aradia, Alpha Synth AI. I'd like to hear just what you have in mind, and offer some advice.}
I shake my head. "Sorry, but after my last squad, I don't work with others. Not unless I know them, and you, I don't know."
Lupa felt a presence from within the Station... A familiar being, someone who she knew. Lupa appeared from outside the ship, a simple hologram that had the fine details of a normal human being and looked exactly like one.


First stop was the safehouse in Alexandria's opinion.
As Meridia finds nothing she snarls and proceeds up the building. She starts looking for any other traces of the ones who attacked, and perhaps even the ones who had killed Vi'ria. As she reaches the floor of the Council Room she catches the scent of Vi'ria mixed in with the scent of some other being.
"Hello miss. You are an exceptional fighter. I wish that more of your people were here id love to spare with a Saeculum. Also if you wish i could probably get you some armor to complement what you already have." Bythorceos says nodding and a hint of both disappointment and admiration in his voice.
An electronic sigh;
{I should have guessed... I was just curious what your plans were after passing your info on the Separatists.. Are you and the reformed Black Piece operative going to stay and pitch in or get the hell out of dodge?}
Aradia asks.
"Oh, well, I wouldn't wish for any more armor, but I'm happy to serve. As for sparring, I'm afraid that would be hard, as my only weapons are rather......deadly."
"She isn't a reformed BP operative. I've known Sam for years, but the rest really isn't any of your business."

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