Separatist Space, V

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OOC: Added :)
Cynthia rushed over to Korzis with a bottle that was filled with water. "Will that do for you?"


Alexandria was ready, ready to get out. Even if she haven't stayed very long in the fancy prison.
Korzis chugs down half of it and sprinkles the rest over his still smoking body. "Much... Better." He says, the movement he was preforming the moment before had hurt him much.

Helper says to Korzis' mind.

Someday someone must do something about the Demon.
Going to asume that the ship/transport pulled into a nearby hanger...

The Phantom pulls into the hanger, settling down next to the Separatist ship. As the ramp lowers, I walk out, heading for the councilors...
You assume correctly. Your only trouble might be finding them as they are all dispersed and the council tower has a hole in it xD
Just reminding War he has other responsibilities. *cough* *cough* Story *cough*
I thought that they were still somewhat in the same location... if not, then Stefan can go to Ulna of Lt Scout.

Yep, just posted.
It's impossible. Nothing can stop it. Korzis says to Helper. He still didn't understand Helper's origins after all these years.
All but Ulna are answering questions for the media where Lt. Scout's shuttle landed.
Doing Helper in italics from now on.

It is powerful, that much is sure. But nobody has ever tried to stop it. I think that if anyone could find a way, it would be you.
Walking up to Ulna, I take my helmet off and look around;
"Looks like things are getting back under control, how did everyone hold up?"
I say, as Alicia walks down the Phantom's ramp towards me.
Im Sorry War, I must have not been clear enough. You landed in the same hanger as Lt. Scout with the rest of the Council.

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All but Ulna are answering questions for the media where Lt. Scout's shuttle landed.

So everyone BUT Ulna is there :S
Gah... who's someone Stefan should talk to, then? Lt Scout?
Rohan, Yuuk, Anderson or Nilus. Lt. Scout is with Ulna on their way to interrogate Samantha who was captured in battle. Stefan can find that out and join them if you get the info from one of the other council members.
"I....received some training for that, but I wouldn't be anywhere near as good as Aga...also, my people don't really care for diplomacy right now. Honestly, they wouldn't want me to represent them, so I don't know if I should."
"Your kind is running out of options." Ulna said with a heavy heart. She really did feel bad for what happened to their homeworld.

"The time has come where it is no longer a job, but a duty."


Sorry guys, I'll be gone all but like... two hours today.
Echoing steps are heard. The prototype returns, with two hovering machines flying near it. It has its gun up to Sidney, who was walking along in front of it, her hands up.
"Perhaps that is so, but we have still a full planet, and I cannot force my people to heed my calls, nor can I force them to respond to the council. And I do doubt that they wish to do either, right now."
I doubt he can be stopped. Even my dad couldn't stop him! Korzis replies.

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