Separatist Space, V

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Alright.. third times the charm...

The Phantom pulls into the hanger, settling down next to the Separatist ship. As the ramp lowers, I walk out, closely followed by Alicia.
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I doubt he can be stopped. Even my dad couldn't stop him! Korzis replies.

I know, I know... but still, we should keep our eyes open. Perhaps we can discover something, maybe of Xel'Naga origin, that will aid us. A foolish hope, but our only one.
Yes, a foolish one. But I suppose you are right. I need some rest now, Helper. I am both drained physically and mentally.
Very well, master. I will soothe your mind. Your sister will see to your injuries, I am sure.

Helper plays a pattern of radiowaves and psi-pulses across Korzis' brain.
Unable to locate her home constellation in the mess of largely unfamiliar stars and noticing stefan land then disembark Kit leaves the hangar and heads to the council tower. planning to either repair and more or less commandeer the council chamber for a time, or find a nice sized, and flat, rooftop to commandeer.
Sorry guys, RL is catching up to me. Might be able to post a lot tomorrow.
No problem, it happens to all of us. Get on when you can. :)

Stepping up to the councilors, I notice Ulna's absence;
"Where's Ulna? Has something come up?"
I ask.
Rohan gestures to all the news reporters, then pulls Stefan aside.

"We've caught a Black Peace operative. She's being interrogated as we speak." He whispered into Stefan's ear, looking around once more.
I nod imperceptibly and quietly ask;
"Where? I might be able to help."
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I promise its nothing personal.


Ulna gave her a quizzical look. "I would figure they would be ripe for some allies right about now."


"It's classified information, but I trust you." Rohan said confidently. "They're in the Hall of Justice in the Judaical Building on the Citadel.
"My people...they don't care much for outsiders. They fear them."
I grunt;
"Good to know. I'll see what I can do."
I say. With a nod to Alicia, I head for the Hall of Justice, reporters unconsciously parting before me like a shoal of fish.

"Even more of a reason to need allies. Outsiders have annihilated half of their population!" Ulna said with an all new urgency.


Rohan watches Stefan walk into the distance. After he is out of sight Rohan begins thinking deeply whether his trust in Stefan is misplaced. He began looking around, but saw nothing because he was so deep in his mind. With his brain on auto-pilot, he walked back to his apartment.
"Yes, but my people are rather ignorant of the outside world, they tend to lump all outsiders together in one group."
Alicia falls into step with me;
"So.. you're going to help with the interrogation?"
She asks, her face bleak. I nod;
"Yeah, whatever it takes to keep anything like this from happening again."
I say, gesturing to damage from the battle.
She grimaces;
"That I can understand, but your methods, they're so..."

"Brutal? Inhumane? I know."
Stefan replies without a hint of emotion. My eyes blaze, a hot retort on my tongue;
{Easy girl, you gotta remember just what he is; a super soldier. He's not entirely human anymore.. so don't expect him to act like one...}
Aradia cautions me;
I snap back, letting my reply fall unspoken. We walk in silence the rest of the way there.

"If your people don't accept our aide... God help you all." Ulna said shaking her head softly. "I must go, grace be with you, friend." Ulna said walking away.

Ulna made her way to the interrogation room.

Interrogation room.

Samantha had been sitting in a chair in a heap of depression for half an hour now. She had been thinking about Dave and her employer. She had been thinking about all her training for years and years. She had been thinking about all the techniques there were to resist temptation to give in to whatever torture the enemy should bestow lest she got captured.

The room was dark, empty and cold. It had two chairs, a table and one light in the middle that only illuminated half of her body and half of whomever was sitting in the chair's body. A small light hovered over the door so she could see it was opening. Samantha had prisoner clothes on. The number 572 was printed on her right pocket.

Not sure what the pocket is for because they dont give us anything... Samantha thought to herself as she pondered her predicament.


Lt. Scout looked at his new prisoner with delight through the window that you could only see one way into. The depressing look on her face made Lt. Scout smile a wicked smile. To think that in this seemingly innocent spy held the key to the future of the Separatists blew Scout's mind. Earning the information from her would be no easy task. The room was arranged in a way that you could see half of the interrogator and half of the interrogated. Scout peered into her right eye, the only one visible from Scout's viewpoint, as a single tear ran down her face. Scout cocked his head to the left. What could she be crying about? Getting captured? No, it had to be something bigger then that.

The door behind Keith opened with a squeak as Ulna appeared in the room.

"How long has she been waiting for me?" She asked,

"Twenty, thirty minutes." Keith replied looking her in the eye. Samantha wiped the tear from her delicate cheek with her sleeve. Ulna sighed.

"Do you want to do the talking?" Ulna asked.

Entering the Hall of Justice, I walk up to the main desk;
"I'm hear to see Ulna, I believe she's here to start an interrogation."
I say.
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The desk clerk frowned. "I believe that was classified information but if you know, someone must have told you. Please check in all weapons then the door is the last one on your right." He said with a smile. Then glancing at his whole body he decided to add,

"And please, do not leave any concealed weapons. That is the number one reason how prisoners escape and the person we're interrogating looks like she could escape with a sharp toothpick."


Whatever you want, Dac. If I were you I would RP her going back and becoming the official ambassador. Or her finding Aga's body. Or... something... Lol

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