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OOC: But she needs rest and such things..wasn't that the whole point of their meeting? :P
OOC: Bahaha! Oops... Well... yeah... oops... Just have her go to an inn or something. Its not like she's dirt poor.
I walked down to a nearby street where I'd seen an Inn. It had looked kind of crumby, but I wasn't picky at the time. When I got there, I saw that it was worse than what I'd remembered, all run down and with shady looking people hanging out in the parking lot. But I didn't really care, so I approached the building.
I laugh, a chilling sound;
"Anyone who thinks that they could use my gear would be in for an unpleasant shock.. but no matter, that I can do."
I say, turning my weapons over to the desk clerk, Alicia following suit. Now unarmed, We head for the interrogation room.
Ah, to hell with it. Mark, I'm coming back, but only using Joey. I need less things to focus on and he needs development.
*Fist pump* Awesome!! I dont know if you know but... Samantha is in an interrogation room right now and if Joey comes in and rescues her or something... IDK it would be awesome :D

IC coming soon.
So he's accepted. Shweet. Incoming awesome rescue! Of course, I'll need the info first...

IC: I finally get clearance to land and quickly exit the ship. I'd been following dead ends for years trying to find Sam, and now I had a chance. Hopefully I wasn't too late.
All you need to know about Sam's circumstance is on post 77
I know that, but Joey doesn't.
Stepping into the room, I nod to Ulna;
"Heard that you caught one of the operatives behind the attack. Figured that I'd sit in on this."
I say, as Alicia steps in behind me.
Ulna and Scout met eyes, but said nothing. Scout prepared himself, grabbed his cane and hobbled to the door. Ulna pushed the buzzer, and the doors locks came free. Lt. Scout pushed open the door and let it fall with a thud. Samantha didn't look up. She just continued her gaze at her knees which were knocking together. Lt. Scout walked around to the chair and sat in it comfortably.

"We can do this the easy way or the hard way." Lt. Scout began. His face was hard and cold. It almost sent a chill down Ulna's spine. It is a good thing he is more determined then the rest of us... or is he?

"Just know that we will do what we have to to retrieve the information we need."


Zarkun, Samantha needs to leak out a small piece of information for RP and story purposes before you rescue her, OR you can rescue her and the Separatists can track your ship to where you need to be. Either way the Separatists need to end up with knowledge about a certain something that I will keep to myself for now :)
After a bit of 'convincing,' one of the street ears as I called them revealed that a woman matching Sam's description was about to be interrogated. Giving him a hundred credit chip, I head for the Hall of Justice. Lord willing, I'd be able to save her.

[Time skip to save one extra post.]

I navigated the ventilation shafts expertly, following the way point on my HUD that I'd gotten from hacking the security cams. Dropping on top of a guard and knocking him out, I peer around the corner. There were two mercs in the observation room, and then a Lieutenant Scout interrogating Sam. If I did this right, I wouldn't need to kill anyone.

OOC: I'll wait to rescue her until after she says it.
I walk into the shady inn, and then I realize I didn't have any currency that would be acceptable here.

What a stupid thing to forget...

I approach the man who runs the place, "You wouldn't be able to let me stay here for a night for free, right?"

He examined your body with a glance, "Right..." He said. "But there is a homeless shelter around the corner and you can trade currency at the SC (OOC: Separatist Citizens... Not Starcraft) bank if that is your problem."

Interrogation Room

A thousand thoughts ran past Sam's mind about everything. She wondered how far Keith Scout would go to get her to squeal. How cruel and inhumane would he be? She didn't look up. Her thoughts reflected every single one of her lovers starting with highschool... She still remembered Edward... Samantha let out a gasp barely audible by anyone but her and straightened her back a little. Her knees stopped knocking and for once she looked joyful. Joey...

The thought died along with hope and Samantha slouched back down. There is no way he could find me. It had been several years. He was just like every other man. He had just used me like a tool... She thought, He was different, and you know it. fighting off all new emotions. Lt. Scout leaned in.

"Which will it be miss Killgore?"
Stepping into the room, I nod to Ulna;
"Heard that you caught one of the operatives behind the attack. Figured that I'd sit in on this."
I say, as Alicia steps in behind me.

hem. I've got an important point that needs to dealt with here. (No one's met Alicia yet!!!)
"But...we don't use currency on my planet....wonderful."

I say, walking out.
Really? A homeless shelter? Are you kidding me?

I wander around the street, not seeing any sign of a homeless shelter. Even if there was one, I'd probably just wander around a bit.

I hope this place doesn't have much crime. Then again, what could they steal from me?
Watching the events unfold, I pull out my Cerberus laser and start charging it. The shock would be enough to buy me time to grab her and get out.

OOC: Please hurry Mark. I'm dying to scare the crap out of people.

Your v-... Nevermind

@War: I didn't even think of that. Honestly though I don't think anyone is going to say anything. Ulna didn't because she knew you weren't going to budge anyways and Lt. Scout just wants and needs allies so neither of them really care. If Scout would come to his senses he would probably say something but... Confronting his assailant is a little rough on him right now.

@Zarkun: Calm down :P Do you mind if Joey is in KoP? I will only copy interactions that you have written of coarse but... Still I feel the need to ask.


Samantha closed her eyes, but it couldn't stop a tear from dripping on to her pants.

"Easy way..." She said meekly. Lt. Scout leaned back.

"Good..." Relaxing a little he continued, "Where is the next target?" He asked. She began to silently sob. She jolted up and screamed when Keith slammed his fist on the table with full force.

"Thousands of lives hang in the balance!" He yelled with fury. Then through his teeth, "Where is he striking next?"

She began sobbing even harder. Keith leaned back and realized his emotions were getting in the way and he was unfit for leading this interrogation. Ulna would have to take it from here. He sighed, stood up and headed for the door. Right as he had clenched the cold steel of the handle, she spoke.

"Execrate..." She said timidly, wiping another tear from her eye. Keith stopped short of puling the door open.

"The small mining colony?" He asked in disbelief.


Lt. Scout thought for a moment then released the handle and hobbled over to the chair again and sat.

"Please..." He began with. He brought her chin up with his hand and peered into her beautiful brown eyes.

"Thousands of lives will be spared..."


That's your cue, whenever you want. I could keep going but I get the feeling I've already waited too long for your likings.
That I can get, but Ulna's just going to ignore the power-armored woman (Yes, Alicia's still in her power-armor) that walked into the room?!
If you insist...

We'll do a meanwhile. So this is slightly before what happened on my last post.


Lt. Scout was still interrogating Ulna glanced at Stefan and the women in her power suit. She was dying to know who she was but couldn't muster up the courage to ask. Finally when Lt. Scout mentioned that lives would hang in the balance she realized that lives hung in the balance of who heard this interrogation. If both of them were spies...

"Who are you?" She finally asked turning to Stefan and Alicia. Hoping by gesturing to both of them one of them would answer.

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