Separatist Space, V

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I wander around, finding nowhere to stay at all.

!@#$%^-...what am I going to have to do? I wander around some more, and spot a nice fountain off ahead.
The laser finished charging and I grinned beneath my helm. "Wakey, wakey, ladies and gents." It fires passing through the walls and stunning anyone who saw it or felt the heat off it for. Initiating the sprint system, I dash to the door, kicking it in and knocking Scout out, the dust still covering me. Grabbing Sam, I sprint back out the door.
Frustrated, I go and look up closer at the fountain, but a foul odor starts to overwhelm me, I then realized that the water is rather discolored. I go forward, and look in the fountain.


But I pass out before the thought even finishes.
I thought you were in the vent, Zarkun?

@Dac: 0_0 I wonder how she is going to react...

IC on the way.
OOC: Well, by being knocked out cold for a while the way, someone is likely to find her. Just an fyi.
You missed the part where I dropped out of them on top of the guard, didn't you?
No I caught that part but... Hm.. Oh well. Just to make it a little more Lore friendly, the door is locked, but nothing a few shots with a pistol wont fix. ;)

Carry her out like a boss xD


Scout was holding Sam's chin one second, and on the floor with dust in his eyes the next. His cane was misplaced and any violence resulted in a pain-staking ripple throughout Keith's back. He coughed and waved his hand. A few gun shots were heard and sparks flew around the room. Whoever this was had Samantha in his arms. He opened the door and rushed out. Lt. Scout shut his eyes tightly and coughed some more. Feeling around for his cane he stood up.

"Well that sucks..." He said to himself, hobbling through the lockless door at a rather leisurely pace.
Keep in mind the laser passed through all the walls to incapacitate or surprise and stun anyone in it's less immediate path.

IC: I didn't stop until I had reached the armory. I quickly set her down. "Armor up, Sam, we need to go. We only have a couple minutes before they figure out where we are."
"What th- who- How- Why- You? Now?" Her arms were waving around and makeup stained her tear stricken face. She had a million things she wanted to say. Out of all the people who could rescue her he was the least likely. Yet he came through...
"Yes, now. Come on, Sam. I'd rather not kill anyone. Yet." I had my assault rifle out and was watching the halls for any security forces.
She tried to steady her breathing but to no avail. It was staggered and dismayed. Without thinking she grabbed a handgun and slipped it in her holster. Then grabbed another. She shoved a mag in both of them and cocked the one in her hand.

"I don't plan on pissing the Separatists off now." She said, peaking around the corner.
I chuckle, and double check for guards. "Alright, I'll go first. Stay close behind and don't get in front of me no matter what. This armor has more tricks then meets the eye." I whip around the corner and start working my way to the back door, using a way point on my HUD. I toss Sam a small bracelet. "Say 'Omega 2' after putting it on. It'll provide you with an arm bound shield."
She scrunched her face, shook her head and mouthed the word 'What.' After slipping the bracelet on she recited exactly what Joey had instructed her to say.

"Omega two!"


We'll meet one guard on the way out that will be easy pickin's. Kill him or knock him out, either way the decision is up to you.
A small round shield appears to be generated from the bracelet and I grin again. "That's Pegasus Corp. tech. Don't lose it." Coming around a corner, I spot a guard and signal a stop. "Hold up," I whisper, "One guard."
"You're rescuing me remember?" She said with a sly grin.
I chuckle and switch out for Bessie, putting in a single knock out round. A shot and thirty seconds later, and we're in the clear. "You go through the door first. I'll watch for pursuit then follow."
Without hesitating she threw herself out the door, kicking it open. You know... he said earlier not to ever go in front of him and you just ran in front of him... Would you just do anything he told you to do? Sam's face didn't change with the thought although it surprised her.
Once I was sure she was out and we were clear, I followed, closing the door and welding it shut with controlled bursts of the Cerberus laser. "Alright, let's get the hell out of here."
Samantha staggered a nod then followed Joey out. As they were running she just had to speak her mind.

"You came back for me!" She said with astonishment. All those dreams and prayers had been answered at last. And at the time she truly needed them to be.

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