Separatist Space, V

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I look back at Sam, my helmet vanishing to show my smile. "I told you I'd find you. You sure liked to leave me a trail though."
She cocked her head, "I didn't leave a trail... hardly at all! How did you-" Her sentence stopped short at the terrible possibility of him working for the Black Peace. If that was true... Realizing that Joey was still paying close attention to Sam, she tried to recover.

"Where are we going, now?"
I shake my head. "I can see the question in your eyes. I worked for a group called Pegasus Corporations. I have access to their network, even if they don't know it. They kept track of you. Don't know why." I then look at my wrist, which showed a count down timer. "As for where we're going, let's just hope we're off this station in the next ten minutes."
"Wha- Why?" She said, her seemingly perfect hand palm up towards Joey as if holding the question in the palm of her hand.
I grab it and duck down a side alley. "I left the Separatists a little gift."
"What!? No! Wait!" Samantha said, ripping her hand out of his. "They're innocent and not giving chase!"

Smooth... When's the next time he's gonna grab that hand after you ripped yours out of his? She thought with a memory of their last meeting. Not now, Sam. Let him blow the whole station up. The inner conflict grew as she raced through the possibilities of what he was going to do. They are completely innocent! I'm the one working for a shady organization that wants an innocent war-hero dead!
"It's not what you're thinking. It's called an EMP pulsator bomb. It releases a short range EMP over several seconds. It'll keep them from getting a lock on my ship with their tractor beam."
Samantha swallowed and nodded. Slipping her hand into his she readied herself for running.

"Lead the way."
I nod and sprint out of the alley, past several security guards and into the landing area. "Alright, I'm going to need to pick you up again."
Samantha frowned and thought briefly about what he was going to do.

"Do only what you must." She said, lightly closing her eyes.
I sweep my arms under her legs and pick her up, overcharging the system and making my sprint that much faster, passing by security checkpoints faster than a normal human eye could follow. However, I'd really have to let the system cool off before using another overcharge. "How you feeling?"

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"Like a million bucks..." She replied in a voice that made her sound dazed and confused.


Kor'Tyrgone wandered the Citadel. He had no desire to overcome the bureaucracy that would no doubt prevent him from witnessing the prisoner's interrogation. He decided to sit awhile near a fountain he spotted just ahead, then started with surprise at what he saw.

Rushing forward as fast as he could, he inspected the two bodies. One was definitely dead. Drowned. Unfortunate that these creatures respirated orally.

The other one was alive, just unconscious. Perhaps a faint. The Yeh-Ket lifted the insectoid, swinging it onto his back, and went to find help.


Markus, you can DM him finding help. I probably won't be posting this evening.
Cynthia was worried for Korzis, he suffered more than she had. "Are you going to be okay brother? Or do I need to send you to their medical facility?"


Alexandria had made her way out of her prison that was alas only a house. The Stun Pistol felt comfortable in her grip.
I set her down and hold her til she's steady. "Don't know how long before they come looking for you, but we need to be on my ship by then. It's in bay T46. Go ahead. I've got one more surprise for them."
IC: i looked at the brother and did a quick vital scan. "he should be fine i think. my data isn't as accurate with protoss anatomy but its the best conclusion i can come up with" i tell her
---@KO & Dac---

Tyrgone sees a police officer in the distance. Calling to him, the police officer assesses the situation and calls for backup and medical assistance.


Samantha pointed her finger at his face but didn't raise her arm, "Don't hurt any of them!" She said, slowly backing away to ensure a sprint once they were finished talking.
I chuckle. "I told you I didn't intend to. I don't even think anyone is following us." I take up a position just around the corner and glance out. The last security checkpoint was still trying to figure out what the hell had just happened. "It's just a taser wall, they'll be fine."
"Good. I believe that this one is physically sound. A faint is my guess. However, I must report that I found her near the body of another of her kind. I recognized the other as the representative of the race, Aga. Someone should be sent to collect his remains at once."

Samantha nodded quickly, "Okay." She said. Looking around she spotted a sign that said Hanger bay 46.

"Here goes nothing..." She said preparing for her sprint.


The policemen nodded, then repeated the info in code into his radio. Sirens were heard in the distance.

"Thank you, citizen. I am required to ask you of your name and what you were doing when you found these bodies."

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