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:P knew you were joking i just toke it a bit farther :P
I would certainly join this if you decide to start it. Would any character be allowed? If so, I'm thinking of being a Protoss ship captain.
Which side are you voting for, Owlfeathers? The more casual character rp, or Guild Wars. The character you've described would have trouble in the latter, but would fit in wonderfully in a casual character rp. Just have to narrow down a time period so we know what sort of hostile npcs to create in order to give the scenes some action here and there. :)
"If Crymson joins it is likely that there will be more than just fighting action, if you know what I mean."
My personal vote goes towards the more casual rp. Taking place right after Wings of Liberty. Dominion is having a bit of trouble after the televised adjucant relay. Zerg is going a bit nutso. Plenty of Mercs and small scuffles on backwater planets. While the Protoss aren't out rubbing elbows, they still have a presence here and there. Thoughts? Other votes?
Well, the problem with trying to stick exclusively to lore is that there's just so much play room with events in between. That's where people start taking liberties. I'll admit I'm a bit guilty with it, but I only really have a couple characters that bound outside normal lore.
As someone who's reading all the books, manga / comics, I'd say they do a pretty good job of tying up their inbetween events rather well. But you know, when they talk about Korhal being four million deaths, and then refer to the death toll as thirty-five million. There's such a vibrant world already existing and waiting without the need of liberties to be taken. I respect the authors and hosts of the roleplays that take place so far in the future. It's just not my cup of tea. The present, or even a bit of the past has more than enough meat for me to chew on for quite awhile. I'm sure there are others out there who feel the same way. :)
Make a guild wars RP :D

Must resist...

Success :)

Self promotion avoided :)
I do believe Guild Wars has it, then. Any objections to starting out on Turaxis II? Bootcamp for those who want a younger character than a seasoned veteran. Near enough the front lines for a veteran character to be possible.
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The problem we had with psionics was that any normal character just couldn't effectively participate in the plot because of the real world limitations psionics don't have.

In Glory We Return is your best bet for a by the lore RP.
It's lore is as follows:
It has been ten years since Raynor's victory on Char. In that time much has changed, yet nothing truly has.

Humanity is still at war with not one, but two alien races.

The Zerg are not the unstoppable force they once were. Individual queens occasionally fight for dominance of their broods... but this has settled down significantly since the years have given rise to clear leaders with each brood. Queens are still overthrown, but it is now a rare occurrence. The Zerg broods themselves have no single leader, and are constantly fighting each other for control of the swarm as a whole. Terran planets are still ravaged by the Zerg but Brood infighting has made this a rare occurrence.

The Protoss society is slowly adapting to its new neighbors the Terrans, but many millenia of tradition does not vanish overnight. Territorial and methodology disputes are still extremely common between between the two races. This war has cooled significantly but it is still on.

So now we come to the Terrans...

Raynor's release of Mengsk's words prior to his leave of New Gettysburg shook the Dominion to it's core. The Umojan's decided that this was the ideal time to topple the empire by beheading it. Two assassinations were planned. One failed. Emperor Arcturus Mengsk is dead. His son Valerian Mengsk has taken the throne. There were several people who wished to seize the throne for themselves but Valerian, still popular for his victory over the Zerg on Char, (and therefor the reviver of the people's support) swiftly crushed the politicians who attempted to do so by force. (Brigadier Wells earned one of his Imperial Shield Metals during this period) Corruption is nowhere near gone from the Dominion but the new Emperor is cleaning house. The future of the Dominion is brightening.

It is the ninth year of Valerian's reign. Long live the Emperor!
Thanks for that, Zanon. :) Crymson and Morph, are you both down for a Guild Wars setting? Starting on Turaxis II?
I vote for the more casual character RP. I think a strictly lore-based RP would be nice for a change.
I'm with you on that, Owlfeathers.
Supaflyz, yours is the closest to any I'd consider. If this doesn't take off, I'll join. Might you consider some mercs though? :)
The mercenary will be a sub group under the Dominion.
Alright, Crymson and Morph have gone MIA, so I'm going to make a casual rp for custom characters. I'd like the character applications in this thread, and I'll start a new thread for the actual rp!
They aren't MIA, the thread just fell below where they look. Give me some story, and I'll consider. I am looking at retirement soon, so no promises.
I'm not looking to make a large elaborate story. I want something more carefree. A little Pre-Heart of the Swarm. But I'd like to start out on a relatively known world. Let's say Dead Man's Rock. We can use the Port. Or Paradise. I'd prefer the former. Start it off in a Cantina. With the onset of eventual conflict from a rowdy group. We've OwlFeathers as a Ship Captain (Protoss). I'd say depending on what it is you want to play that your options are hiding out, being stranded, looking for work, or captured. If you need more, just let me know! As I've said I want this to be casual. I'll help drive the direction, and add some conflicting npcs, or even player run characters if they so desire it. This is meant to be player driven. A very open rp. :)
Well, it's definitely going to be a new concept. I'll sleep on it, and maybe submit an application in the morning. Just know most of my characters are fairly established, so don't be surprised.

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