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Hopefully new concept is a good thing.
Name: Izylbeth Flowers
Race: Terran – Medic
Age: 18
Hair: Black-Blue
Eyes: Light Green
Height/Weight: 5’8” / 120Ibs(54Kg)
Description: Izylbeth was a small woman, her dark hair was commonly pulled up into a pony tail high on the back of her head, though her bangs flopped loose over her forehead. Bright green eyes peered out from behind the cascade of hair that fell over them. Any emotion to be derived from the green hues would be a deep sadness. She had seen and lost more than her fair share in the short span of her life. Her nose was slightly too pointed, and looked to have been broken before. Her mouth was always painted a bloody red. If approached she would generally offer a smile that couldn't quite reach her eyes. When not wearing her armor she’s generally dressed in loose black clothing. Her thin shoulders were perhaps the most pronounced part of her, the tunic being brought together by a tall belt that was tight across her waist. Below the tunic there were loose fitting black pants that were tucked into boots that were likely two sizes too big for her feet.
First applicant. Approved. Posting my own now.

Name: "Krane"
Race: Terran – Ghost?
Age: Thirty, maybe?
Hair: Black and gray.
Eyes: Forrest Green.
Height 6'6"
Description: Krane might have been an imposing figure had he any actual muscle to him. Instead, he was gifted with a lanky form. Starting at the top we've a mess of hair. Tangled strands and bangs that even get in the way of his eyes, while long enough to frame his face. It was unkept, and very little effort went into maintaining any sort of 'look.'

A crooked smile often adorned his lips. A mixture of amusement, and boredom. The back of his head, well covered by the mess of hair previously described was the remains of a psychic dampener. Making him near useless at his intended trade... With that in place, he couldn't even scrape the top layers of anyone's mind to have a guess at what they were thinking.

The ensemble he wore was more fitting for a western setting. He was wearing a large dark green duster that rode off his shoulders, and hung to just below his knees. Kept mostly closed, whatever else there was to hide, remained hidden. His feet were covered by black leather riding boots.
i am fine with GW or carefree ...... actually carefree as im a bit .... slow on replying at times.
would a custom race perhaps be applicable? *smack* why am i even asking that? this is lore based *smack*
gona need a little bit to ummm create a char .....
Take your time!
Let me work on a person. None of my current people would fit right now because of the time frame. Actually, what is the time frame?
just after WoL but before HotS i believe
Correct on the time frame. :D
i still sorta want to know if i could use a custom race ..... *smack*
So...post New Folsom breakout Jake could work...I'll submit a sheet from another RP and let you look over it. Note that his weapon was a gift from a character in a pre-SC1 RP. And all his other equipment was gained over time.

-Name: Jake Hunter
-Description: Terran, Armor is painted red and blue, with the Jolly Rodger painted on both shoulders and a wolf on the visor, armor is also slimmed down to allow for extra mobility and movement range and has a small cannon on one shoulder. 6’ even, sun-tanned skin, skinny, but muscular, dark, almost black, hair, hazel eyes. Has a scar on his right eye from engaging a Hydralisk in hand-to-hand combat.
-Armament: Uses an Assault Plasma Rifle, Twin short swords that look like large trench knives, and a Scythe Pistol. Armor is outfitted to detect psionics, meaning cloaked foes are no longer a threat. Also has infrared and magnetic modes for his visor.
I'm hesitant on the custom race, Morph. But tell me about them. I'd prefer Terran or Protoss personally. But I will hear you out. Zarkun, application approved.
Heh, cool. You won't regret it. You also should hear his back story. Expect an edit.

Edit- The first part is a bit on his personality and mentions the RP he originated from.

Calm and friendly, loves playing a game of cards. Loves making new friends, but his time since surviving the Outbreak has made him more cautious of enemies and more protective of friends and squad mates. Uses an Assault Plasma Rifle, Twin short swords that look like large trench knives, and a Scythe Pistol. Armor is outfitted to detect psionics, meaning cloaked foes are no longer a threat. Also has infrared and magnetic modes for his visor.

Initially enlisted with the Confederacy for benefits and assigned his own assault unit known as Sparta‘s Ghosts. Gained his nickname Slasher for his combat skills with blades. They were deployed to a derelict mining ship to rescue any survivors, and it was here he first encountered the Zerg. He was the only surviving member of his unit by the time he’d rallied the survivors together. Escaping to the frozen planet below, he and the other survivors fought off the Zerg until the enigmatic Protoss saved them. In the ensuing evacuation, he engaged a Hydralisk in CQC, and earned a scar for his victory. He vanished after escaping the planet, then resurfaced to become a security guard at New Folsom while helping the Raiders. Once that was done, he vanished again, planet hopping to avoid getting caught by the Dominion for helping with the breakout in New Folsom.
I certainly hope not, Zarkun. :) Going to wait for Morph to elaborate, and perhaps another join in with an application, and then I'll create the thread for the rp. :) Cheers!
You've already got the right idea for four people. You'll fit in well.
I'm hesitant on the custom race, Morph. But tell me about them
see RP Factions for all the RPs page 6 post 103
Supply a link my friend.
I hate to say no, Morph. But I can't allow that into the rp. Especially after being strict and stating we'd follow established universe. :/ I'm very sorry.
ehhh its fine i didnt expect to get it approved any way :P
So.....how much longer we waiting on the OP?
We've three, Zarkun, you think that's enough? Morph hasn't posted an application just yet if he's still interested.

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