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ehh sure ill get a sheet up in a while
Awesome, Morph. :D
I'm also going to do one. I'm sick atm though, and really just don't feel like typing too much.
Glad to hear it Owl. I'll hold off for you two, and then we'll start. :)
im trying to get some meritbadges done for Boy Scouts so dont wait on my account ill hop in when i can
Alright, then just Owl. :3
Name: John "Riot" Connor
Race: Terran
Age: 24
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Height/Weight: 5’ 11” / 186 lbs.
Backstory: Was born on the infamous location known for Pirates and Mercenaries. Easily learning how to survive at a young age, for it was either life or death. You crossed the wrong person and you would've died. He himself owns his own Company of Mercs. known as 'Hel's Song'. Named after the Ancient Norse God of Death and of the Underworld, aka Hell. They're standard equipment ranged from Armored Dusters and masks. Along with Rifles ranging from Gauss to Canister.
Approved CR. :) Welcome aboard.

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