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I usually open with 4gate +1 zealot pressure and tech as I try to take out my opponent's third. Lately I've been running into problems with bling drop follow ups though, and there doesn't seem to be anything I can do about it but pull probes and hope for the best (which never works). I can't even think of how I would get enough stalkers or voids to deal with them in time. Do I just lay cannons all over my mineral lines? Or did I not get the memo that 4gate pressure doesn't work in PvZ anymore?

[Edit]: I meant 4gate pressure.

I'll elaborate on my problem since I wasn't clear enough. I apply 4gate pressure with +1 zealots until I either kill off the third hatch or my attack is held off, then I retreat back to base. Soon after, some zerg players drop blings on my mineral lines. I can't kill the OLs in time to save my probes because the OL:stalker ratio is too high. I can run my probes away, but the OLs keep coming with more and more baneling drops until I find myself with way too many roaches at my front door. What do?

The lack of roaches when pressuring may be a good indicator of what's to come, but the problem is that some zerg players go for ling/infestor instead of ling/bling (and I would still need to know how to deal with the bling drops if I could scout them anyway). Also, how am I supposed to know if a zerg player is researching OL drops. I know there's an animation on the hatch, but how am I supposed to scout that?

This is why I'm asking if I should stop doing +1zealot pressure. Is there a safer early game PvZ strategy that is more flexible in dealing with various zerg tactics? Or is there a way for me to deal with this that I'm just not aware of?
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3gate pressure doesn't work in PvZ anymore


Sorry buddy.

If it's HOTS, 3 gate pressure works fine with MS Core early mass recall to save your army.
I think that the critical part is knowing whether or not your opponent is upgrading overlords. If they are upgrading overlords, it pays to invest in some defenses along likely drop paths. An alternative is playing it like a ZvT, where Zerg positions Overlords (for you this would be observers) along likely drop routes, to see and be able to respond to drops well before they actually touch down. Map control is also going to be big, because Zerg doesn't necessarily need to queue the overlord route all the way from in their base, they can park their army at a tower and then do it.

I also think it's important to note that while Immortals are an AMAZING baneling counter (their shields alone will take 10 banelings I believe) Immortals are also far less necessary if your opponent isn't going roaches, which frees up your robo to produce a couple extra observers to watch drop paths.

I'd also guess that blink Stalkers are a solid tech choice in the midgame if your opponent is choosing to use banelings, although I'd still deathball up so that I can deal with any attempts to crash 200 banelings into my base/army.

Hopefully someone who plays Protoss and has dealt with this more then I have can comment on it though.
I'm not sure if you mean dropping banelings on your army to get by your sentries or if you mean on your mineral line. It seems like people have addressed the mineral line part, so I own't go over that. If he's trying to drop banelings on your army however, you need to forcefield their ground army away and kite back with your army, picking off overlords as you go, so the overlords can never reach your army and drop the banelings.
What are you doing as a followup to the +1 4-gate pressure?

Normally that should be really good vs ling/bling because you can just keep warping in zealots against all the zerglings and the pressure should prevent them from getting enough to drop.
3 gate pressure does not really work well in WoL. In HotS it works great from what i've heard but this is WoL forums :D
4gate pressure with +1 zealots until I either kill off the third hatch or my attack is held off, then I retreat back to base.

What are you doing when you retreat back to base? I usually follow the attack up with a 7-gate blink all-in where you can just kite everything especially with blink.

If you are taking a 3rd base with a robo you'll need to pull probes away from wherever overlords are and use food FF to prevent the banelings from getting too close. Normally though if they are going for ling/bling you can just continue building zealots and just keep trading since +1 zealot vs zerglings is so favorable.

Also this section

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