Processor Inquiry - Late-Game Lag.

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Currently, I play on Medium settings with little lag in the early-mid game. But my frame-rate drops significantly during 200/200 battles. My piece is an AMD E-300 dual core processor with 1.30 GHz.

I know that's not exactly up to the minimum requirements. So I decided to take a look at upgrades. I came across the following processor, and it seems like an upgrade. But I'd like someone else to clarify two things: Is it an upgrade, and will it alleviate lag in the later game-- to some degree?


Forgot the processor. Here:
If what you have is a laptop, you have to buy a new PC.
12/04/2012 01:04 PMPosted by Hibachi
If what you have is a laptop, you have to buy a new PC.

I play on a PC. The processor I was looking to buy doesn't fit into my current motherboard's socket, so I intend to buy a new one with proper sockets.

Is your quote still the case? If so, could you go further in-depth as to why?
E-300 is a laptop-oriented CPU. So you have a laptop, don't you? Or do you have a desktop?
Okay, is it a slim case, or standard mid tower?

Do you know how fast your RAM is, DDR3-???? If not, use CPU-Z and find out.

What is the power supply?
Either way he need to change motherboard in a few months. LGA775 is 8 years old.

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