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Teacher's still aren't administrators. Your tech person is the only administrator for your network.
Pretty sure that's not it. Before I had the admin user/PW I was using "STUDENT" for all my stuff and it would say an administrator password is required.
In a school network, more times than not, the only administrators are the principles, and the technical staff. The students and most teachers use a standard account. It asks for the admin password, but remember, your not the admin. School networks are all different, but share 4 common things.

1, They suck
2, the tech staff is full of idiots
3, Hardly any customization for students
4, Super slow

Remember that school networks constantly change. I would not bet on ever being able to install something on one though, and downloads are a maybe at the best.

You can hack a school ocmputer is it runs windows XP.

Hard boot the computer until it brings up the black screen with 4 options. Select safe mode. Hopefully the security Admin account does not have a password on it. If it does not, you can use it, and create yourself an account, which will have no restrictions. But be careful, they find out, and the school will have your balls for it.

About your teacher PW, it still is a standard account, the teacher just has more computer rights.

Also, if you have some sort of internet blocker, that blocks even the most harmless sites, use a proxy server. At the chrome web store, search proxy, or Google it. It's a bit complex, and I've never needed to use one.
Also, if you feel like POing some people, you can take the monitor hookup to the stack, and unscrew it. then pull it out just far enough to discolor and mess with the screen.

Ok, next question.
The best of the three you mentioned is indeed 1800Mhz. It is equal to 1.8Ghz, which should sound familiar, because Ghz is the standard unit to measure processor clock speed.

Basically it's the at which the RAM sorts information. although all three do feature the same memory size, the speed at which it sorts the information that passes through it is determined by the memory speed. The current average is 1333Mhz.

If I were you, I'd pay a bit more and get the 1600Mhz. Try waiting for a shell shocker from newegg.com, they do specials on RAM occasionally.
Use eye drops. Not the medical kind, but the relaxing, moisturizing, and disinfecting kind. It's the stuff people use to clean contact lenses. You can get it at Walmart, just ask one of the helper persons to direct you to the eye drop section.

The one I use is in a white bottle with a blue label, it's the Walmart brand as well. It costs like $2-3.

Water does not work, because the liquid in you eyes, although it contains a lot of water, is not water. It contains salt, some natural antibodies, and some other things. The eye drops I told you about will act like the natural eye water.
12/04/2012 05:37 AMPosted by Duke
2, the tech staff is full of idiots
Actually, our tech person is extremely smart, and he or the IT students for the IT lab help to fix any computer problems.

12/04/2012 05:37 AMPosted by Duke
4, Super slow
Whole class period to even start up the computer and to log in... You have in idea...
12/04/2012 06:23 AMPosted by CrymsonRaven
Actually, our tech person is extremely smart, and he or the IT students for the IT lab help to fix any computer problems.

Stereotypes are not always true, my guess is that he knows what hes doing. I just had a lot of idiot techies working my school networks. And younger brothers tells me theirs are complete idiots. The list goes on....

The stereotype is probably more often true than false I'd guess.
That's a little high ended....

Probably 6GB 1600Mhz RAM
A graphics card with a GPU of at least 800Mhz, and at least 512MB Video RAM
2.5Ghz quad core CPU
And a 7200 RMP HDD or SolidState.
If you ever have an issue with windows, most likely because a virus infested windows files that your AV deleted, you can use the system repair tool, just boot from the windows CD.
Thought I'd remind you of CPOK, Duke. Dominion needs you to finish or be ready to order an offensive.
Oh ,I'll look into it this week.


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