Switchable graphics with Morrowind

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Issue that cannot be solved.
The same applies for Oblivion and Skyrim, however forcing those programs to use my 7670m works. I run oblivion maxed out and skyrim on med-high, which makes me sad while I lag in morrowind @ 640x480...

I have morrowind set to use the high power gpu in catalyst control, and my laptop is running at max performance, but it simply reverts to HD4000 every single time...

Why?! Nothing seems to work, and I have found no solutions ANYWHERE. Gah, I ran morrowind better when i had my core 2, intel GMA laptop.
Which driver version are you using?
No solutions in the universe.
This is because AMD drivers had problems with Enduro (featured in HD 7xxx series, Enduro is the tech AMD uses for switchable graphics) up until latest 12.11 beta drivers.

But thanks for being all aggressive for nothing when I am just trying to help.

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