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I am lucky to be alive, I was the only one spared. Could I have fought the Chrome, I would be a hero. I am but a measly colonist. But, even the most stupid and wreckless colonists have stories, and this is mine...

"What... Who... Where am I?" I staggered, in some kind of stasis cell. I look around. The planet I am on has lush greenery and an oddly pleasant feel on your feet as you walk. The grass is short and seems to only have grown a small bit, then suddenly stopped for the rest of eternety. I hear an odd voice.
"Steve... Your soul is worthy... Step out of the cell..."
"Who are you?" I ask, and out steps a Zealot. Wait, that's not a Zealot, its weapon has 4 blades arranged in the shape of a windmill.
"Are you protoss?" I ask.
It doesn't reply. I step outside of my cell...
We are the Chrome - An ominous telepathic voice tells me. As I look at the Protoss-Like aliens, I see technology far beyond what the Protoss could ever harness.
"We are a mere colony, on the run from a corrupt empire. I'm sorry to scare you. My name is Xet. I lead the colony," The alien said.
"I'm not sure why you want me, but you don't seem tempted ti kill me," I said in releif.
Suddenly, a massive fleet came out of seemingly nowhere.
"The empire? But how?" Xet muttered, confused how its colony was a target, as thousands of streaks came to the planet from nowhere.
I tried to run to a nearby starport, but ran into an opposing alien commander.
"A terran?" An empire commander yelled, confused about what was truly going on. Shortly after, massive weapons of destruction were being unleashed onto and from both sides.
"Help me..." I muttered, as I passed out from a rapidly beating heart.
I woke in a hospital. A medic was telling someone something over the transmitter, but I couldn't hear. Later, I was told I was lucky to be alive. I went off doing things I normally do, and life was good again. Yeah, life was good.
What did any readers think? Like/Dislike?
I have other "stories" and I'm reading stuff from others, I find it pretty neat. Anyhow, feedback welcome, and if anyone wants to extend this story, I'd love to see what they come up with.
12/02/2012 10:54 PMPosted by FXPetLing
and I'm reading stuff from others

Must resist... urge... to self promote...

Failed :(

The King of Pirates is getting better and better :D I think its a good read for someone like you! I like it so far btw, keep it up!
I plan on extending it within this same page. Thanks for the feedback!
no offence PetLing but ..... confusing story ..... *falls over from confusion*
I'm sorry it confused you. Anyhow, I found some time to extend it.

Life sure was good. I worked minimum wage, but that bothered me not one iota. I had a home, a job, and some savings. Checking that every piece of every Marine's armor is well worth the 70 hour work week. Work ten, sleep ten every day, and rest for the other four. I get paid 5 credits an hour, and that's just enough to keep my house and some food and water on hand if an emergency arose.
I look outside. My colony is about to move to another planet. I see four workers prepping the craft. A fifth one walks out from the loading bay, and walks to my door.


The two pounds come delayed. I open the door. Maybe the poor guy needed a break from three days of nonstop work? I brought an extra chair from the kitchen to the living room.

"How's the job been? If ya want anything, I got some ice cold water. That ought to rid you of this ridiculous heat," I tell the worker.
"Yes, please. It's about time my shift is over," the clearly exhausted worker says between heavy breaths. I grab a cup from my cupboard and fill it to the rim with water.
"Got more if you want it. Use the container next to the sink," I tell the tired worker. He drinks the water slowly, and nodded after he was about halfway done with the glass. I step outside to offer the other workers a glass, but I hear an announcement on my radio that caught my attention.

"Attention citizens! It appears we have found a 4th major alien race!" The announcer says. Workers pour into my living room.
"Known as the Chrome, these aliens outmatch the Protoss massively in texhnology. They can walk or use warp devices that give off a green beam in their trajectory. If you see one, use great caution. Thank you."
The workers begin talking about the Chrome.
"Glass of ice cold refreshment, anyone?" I ask the workers as I grab more coffee mugs from my cupboard.
"Thanks, that'd be great!" One worker says. I have two workers grab chairs from various rooms in my house. Soon, everyone's having a "cup of heaven" and talking about their jobs. One worker asks me how my job is. The room goes silent.
"I'll say, it's rough, but the pay is fine. Enough for me to keep a roof over my head!" I reply.
A few minutes after everyone had finished their drink, they went back to work, yet one stayed. They had a peculiar glow around their skin. Then, he shapeshifted.

"Xet?" I said in awe.
"Not a word. Not a single word about this, you hear me?" Xet snaps. I say nothing. In a moments notice, Xet disappears and a green streak illuminates his path.


Well, I'll sure miss my home until I land, I thought to myself. Then, a worker yelled "We ain't goin' nowhere! We're just prepped for when we do move!"
I was happy to hear this. From that day, on my break, I invite all the ship's crew to my house to have a cold one and relax. Life is good, especially when you can pay for yourself and your needs while brightening other people's moods. But now I worry about Xet and his colony. Now humanity is after him as well...

--End Part 2--

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