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I am going mass stalker to supply cap in 4v4 when they are fully upgraded, yet many things stop me. Small things like 30-50 roaches NO UPGRADE. Anything bigger I build a more complicated army, but are they doing something I am not? They do not burrow and I focus fire. Should I not focus fire? I use height advantage and blink as much as possible. I am not quite sure what to do... Should I change up against smaller things? Please reply with advice. I am a bronze league player as well.
You don't want that many stalkers because as A-Move units they suck. You want only some stalkers in the back of your army supported by chargelots, 3-5 immortals, and sentries. Colossus is good if they go lings.
Okay. Thank you for the reply because I was really worried how that few roaches was killing THAT many stalkers. I'll see what I can do!
If you have blink are you individually blinking back stalkers that are low on health to the back? It will increase the longetivity of your stalkers by a lot. Stalkers are meant to be a support unit and as such theyre pretty much garbage from the midgame on unless reallllyyyy microed well.
I'd question the micro, honestly. If you have mass stalkers with full upgrades and lose to 30-50 roaches without upgrades, then you've got to be microing incorrectly.

Mass stalkers isn't a good composition, but if you outnumber roaches, you should still win.

Focus firing could be wasting a lot of dps and overkilling the same roach repeatedly, while other stalkers can't get in range and don't attack at all.

Try a-moving your stalkers and just focusing on blinking back the stalkers that lose their shields (individually or in small groups). With lots of stalkers, this is still very hard to do, so you'll always be microing. Also, there is no high ground advantage (except for sight, but they should have an overlord).
I blink up to higher places with the ones that are damaged and by high ground advantage I mean I'm higher up and they cannot see me. From there i am able to attack until my health comes back up.
12/03/2012 06:21 PMPosted by Feck
but are they doing something I am not?

Yes. When they flip their coin during the loading screen, they get tails.
Use Blink Micro.
I do use blink micro.
12/04/2012 08:52 AMPosted by EllisD
but are they doing something I am not?

Yes. When they flip their coin during the loading screen, they get tails.

What do you mean by that? I am new to the fourms so am I missing something?

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