Science Vessel Heal sound Bug

Bug Report
In the campaign, you can choose either raven or the science vessel to use in the game. I chose the science vessel because it heals mech. I have and not recently found a bug that the science has. Its sound. The sound of it healing. It would play on and on and on even when its, dead, not near any mech, low on energy and when all mech around it is healed. It will still be on. I know it might not seem like a big bug but it is irritating. It can drive me nuts, especially when its dead, it crazy!!
Places that this bug occurs the most; Maw of the Void, Engine of Destruction and any other mission after you get the science vessel and use it a lot.

Thx in advance if you can fix.
I too am experiencing this issue. If you destroy the science vessel while it is stuck on healing nothing the healing animation stays flashing where it was destroyed. Manually healing a damaged unit does not resolve this.

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