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Its another night, after a stressful work day, and I usually play SC2 for fun. Here's one game I had with a terran opponent, which I like you guys to share your inputs with.


As far as I can see, based on the limit of my skills, I could have done something else to turn the game around. Here's what I think

1. 10 , 50 probes. I didn't reach this, I think I lacked either 3 or 7 of it.
2. I could have aimed to attack the third when I engaged.
3. I should have hidden my collosus tech.
4. Canons could have prevented those drops.

Now, I want to see what you guys think , so I could learn to play better. Thanks, and much appreich !
Macro let you down. I could go into a whole long critique of this game but it would be futile because it all begins and ends with macro. You had 75 probes and 1 mining base....well 2 but your natural was over saturated and running dry. You needed to take your third by at least the 10-12 minute mark....you needed to be breaking down your rocks to your third on that base with literally the first available units.

Remember an opening is designed to push you into the mid game. There seemed to be no plan on your part as to what to do in the mid game. He was wide open to drops on your part....He had lots of marauders but you did not research charge......Charge and drops equals at least some type of a mid game plan.

So what you have to do as a protoss player is to perfect your opening.....but an opening with no midgame plan is a good way to lose.....I suspect your plan was to react to him, hope you can out micro and out macro him and win that way.......thats not a plan....thats a strategy.........

A strategy that is okay....but you have to have tactics to carry out THAT STRATEGY......you seemed to have no tactics that would help with this strat.

All in all...macro let you down....just building probes is not a panacea for getting to higher leagues....if those probes got nothing to mine its futile.........
Thnaks ScRuNgY!! These are the type or comments that Id like to hear. You were right, I was planning tooay reactionary style, but it shows that I need to practice that. As for macro, I was looking to take my third at 13-14 mins as I was making sure to be able to defend if he attacks.

Now Id like to ask, when is it NOT good to take a third? when he goes with drops?

12/05/2012 05:42 PMPosted by ColonelPanic
Now Id like to ask, when is it NOT good to take a third? when he goes with drops?

Its never good to take a blind third....meaning you do not know what he is doing. In your video you had an observer sitting over his base but never really moved it around to see what he was planning on doing.

Scouting is always the key to being able to play tactically. You have got to know what he is doing. You've got to be inside his head. How he positions his troops in this game told you that he was protecting his third....yet you never scouted his third to see the timing of the third.

Timings tell you a lot...even against a bad opponent....early third means he is not going to push or if he pushes its going to be a weak push. A later or delayed expo means you can expect a strong push.......even against bad players timings are meaningful.....

So typically If I see him plant his third...I attack with what I have.....not try to win the game...just apply a little pressure...get him to thinking.......do a drop of a few zealots....and expand....Most terrans if they take an early third are not going to try and push against you when you drop in their main and attack their troops from the front....they will clean it up, do some scans and think they need to get a bigger army.

So the timing of his natural is important but the timing of his third is even more important as it telegraphs his intentions. Early third means he is content to delay.......later third means pressure could...be coming your way......This is still the midgame vs terran........

Terran is strongest vs protoss from about the 5 minute to about the 18 minute mark.....It is during this time that timings tell you what you should and should not do vs a terran......

The timing of the third is crucial and scouting his positioning tells you a lot about what his intentions are.
Just to expand on that (and gj on the advice on timings, Scrungy), if Terran is taking a fast 3rd, he is not getting his tech up NEARLY as quickly and you probably can hit him with a 2 base timing with 2 colossi with range and expand while your attack is happening. Why? Terran has maybe 1-2 medivacs and no vikings = your army will crush Terrans and you can 99% of the time win right there and then.

If he tries to use his first medivacs to drop you, you just delay your 3rd nexus and warp-in defenses while killing his main army, killing his 3rd and damaging his natural to the crippling point, and you win with the next follow-up push with 3 colossi and a lot of blink stalker/sentry and a few Zealots.

As for upgrades, you forgo the 2 forges for 1 forge only and upgrade armor to +3 as fast possible and you get blink simultaneously. This will make your timing attack quite powerful and Terran really has no answer unless he abandons his 3rd and pulls back into his natural and starts another starport for making mass vikings off 1 reactor starport and 1 no-add-on starport.

But, at lower levels, Terrans won't even know to do this and will try to keep that 3rd alive or try some stupid drop play that you get to shut down easily with your 5-6 free warp-gates.

But, yes, you NEED NEED NEED to scout for Terran taking a fast 3rd or not, and observing when he is getting stim, combat shield and concussive shells, and also when his starport is going down.

Typically, for Terran to take that 3rd, they'll do a BIG marine push on 5-6 raxes on 2 base without combat shields but with stim, and then expand behind the pressure. This hits at about the time Protoss is JUST getting his 2nd round of warp-ins, so as long as you have solid forcefields, you WILL hold.

That is why when you see very early aggression from Terran, you need to check his expos. Also, BECAUSE Terran went for 5-6 rax marines, he will not have combat shields or enough medivacs in time for a 2 base push with 2 Colossi. That's why you will kill his 3rd base 99% of the time. Just don't over-commit and try to go into his natural, unless you wiped out a significant amount of bio without losing many gate units AND you have a round of warp-ins to reinforce.

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