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IC: Bythorceos begins circling alida watching her .... looking for flaws in her technique and weak spots.
{I think it's best if I show you...}
After a moment, you have direct feed from one of the station's many security cameras. On screen is a sleek starship, about 1000 meters in length.
{...and there you go.}
Aradia says.
I keep up the heavily defensive stance, which allowed me to quickly lash out at any attempt to attack. I was decently confident in my fighting ability, but I'd rather not take chances.
I chuckle. "My, my, some one, or rather, something, is full of themselves. Look, you're impressive and all, but I've taken out larger ships then you."
Bythor feints to Alida's right then quickly goes to her left striking at her side with claws sheathed in teal energy. The hit would sting severly and partially stun Alida but deliver no other damage. The teal energy creating a buffer between the Mozan claws and their target.

OOC: the energy could also be used to make the claws even more damaging but as this is just a sparing match ..... Bythorceos has them on 'practice'
I quickly block it, and resume my defensive stance.

Just wait for a mistake, he's testing you.
hmmmm she is good.
Bythorceos resumes his circling waiting for Alida to make the next move.
I take a quick swipe at his stomach, but pull back before it's countered, and try to throw him off-balance by going after his right leg with another quick swipe.
Bythorceos jumps to the side and goes after Alida's front leg that is planted on the ground.

OOC: Dac Bythorceos in in quadruped ('feral') form -_-' he is essentially a wolf in armor atm .....
OOC: My bad.

IC: I quickly pull it back and throw my claws at his exposed side.
*Claps* Good job guys, most fights are as the following:

"Swipes with a leg and goes for the face, after I connect it sends Bob into a backwards spin and *Such and such* Finds himself on the ground"

"I quickly stand up and shoot Bob in the face."

"No I-"

"NO HE-"


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I chuckle. "My, my, some one, or rather, something, is full of themselves. Look, you're impressive and all, but I've taken out larger ships then you."

Aradia's running lights flash;
{You might think that, but I couldn't possibly comment. There's a lot more to an Alpha Synth than meets the eye.}
Aradia replies with tart amusement.
{If you'd like, I could switch to something a little more human.}

How is she? personality wise and whatnot? I'm still trying to figure it out myself.
I shake my head. "Sorry, I'm taken. All that aside, I would appreciate it if you cleared the channel. I have an important phonecall I'm waiting on." I cut the channel and encrypt using the Omega Squads encryption codes. Only Pegasus, once upon a time, could have decrypted it.
Samantha giggles, "That conversation was amusing."
OOC: :P to much time on IG RPs fighting :P

IC: Alida's claws connect with bythorceos's side but only seems to scratch his armor.
she is a worthy sparing partner.
Bythorceos goes for Alidas throat with his claws.
"And that AI was a bit nosy. Something tells me that's not the only thing about it though..."
"Oh well. So what do we do in the meantime while we wait for their call?"
I am caught rather off-guard by this, but manage to block it.

Did he get a swipe in?

My question is answered with a slight trickle of blood hitting the ground below me.


After this, I quickly leap at him, throwing my full force behind the razor sharp claws that would pierce the mans armor if this went right.
OOC: "Fine, I'll just, you know, RP a BP soldier, even though I cannot think of what their personality would be like."

The man doesn't reply. Meridia brings her face closer to his and shows off her fangs, "Tell me, or I will rip the flesh of your bones."

The man's eyes widen and he quickly starts saying, "I'm a soldier of an organization known as the Black Peace! I am just a grunt, and I don't know who your talking about!"

"The large being in black and crimson armor, the one who left you with that wound." Meridia replies.

"She attacked me when I was marching through the streets, I killed her with a knife and ended up snapping the end of her sword. After that I just went into the building and sought other soldiers. But when I saw those things I walked over here and pulled the blade out, it hurt like hell." He replies, genuine fear in his voice.

Meridia answers him, "Thank you, your reward is now a painless death." She pulls her spear back.

"Wait! Please don't! I want to li-" He never finished that sentence, the spear had cut straight through his neck.

"You should've thought of it before you killed her." Meridia says to the corpse. She pushes her handle down and dislodges the head. "This whole ordeal has made me quite famished." She looks at the body. "You will do." She tears off the armor and starts to feast upon the soldier. Fat, meat, bones and blood flying across the room.
I look at Sam. "Well, you know a bit about me, how about you share what's been bothering you with me?" I managed to keep control of my body and blush, but in my mind it was turmoil. Did I ask too soon? What if she wants to leave? Gaia, help me...

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