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12/05/2012 07:00 PMPosted by Zarkun
I cut the channel and encrypt using the Omega Squads encryption codes.

Aw.... I was going to do some char development for Stefan and Alicia...

SF... I will just let you do your thing, but from now on, please dont do that? Thanks.

War, you still can, it doesn't have to be with them though. It can be with each other. I always enjoy reading Stefan and Alicia.


"What's been bothering me with you? What do you mean?" Samantha asks curiously. She thought she knew what she meant but she wanted to clarify before saying something stupid.
Well, I don't think that's going to happen through Alidia. Maybe Stefan can notice the Wandering Star in a holding pattern?

IC: "The whole time since we went to Tarnis, hell, since the rescue, you've been tense and worried. What is it?"
"Not do what? Eat fallen enemies? Kill Black Peace Soldiers? Interrogate Black Peace Soldiers? Have something extremely trained in all forms of combat that ambushed a soldier get in a hit and then killed? RP a Black Peace Soldier? Because that was pretty vague because I did a lot."
Sorry, SF, should have been more clear, Please do not create BP soldiers. I don't really care this particular time because you just killed him real quick but I would prefer you don't :)
"Okay. I would've gone with Jester's bug race, but he wasn't on, and I didn't know what kind of things could've inflicted injuries upon Vi'ria."
Yeah, I know. That's fine it was just a weetle bit unrealistic for a BP soldier to still be on the Citadel and not have been caught.
Bythorceos drops below Alida barely. then noting the trickle of blood from her neck he returns to his humanoid form and goes to where Alida landed. "im sorry i didnt mean to actually get you."
I wanted this to happen a little more publicly (with player chars around), but this will work.

After leaving the Hall of Justice, we'd grabbed a bite to eat at a tavern. Heading out, I headed for my ship;
...finally, time for sleep...

I gotta hunch of what is going to happen :P
Mark, IC post please.
OOC: inside Stefans bedroom ...... BLACK SCREEN!!!!!
As Meridia finishes she cleans her weapon off and licks the blood off of her face. She grabs the gun the man had and carries it herself after putting her Lightning Spear on her back.

As she exits the building she starts asking around where she would be able to find the council member named Ulna.
I sit, panting, instinctively I'd have charged, but I had trained myself to not do so.

"It's...fine." I say, a small but steady stream of dark red blood running down my neck to the floor.

I turn to Andrew, "You...have something clean this up?"
Sorry, SF, no eating the bugs. They've been designed to break down to the molecular level upon death.
"With them I would've just have killed it after searching through its mind if it were a bug. While well trained or Psionic humans would've fought me off."
Oops, didn't see your edit.



"I..." She stopped. She looked down and began debating exactly what she should say and exactly how to say it. "Joey..." She looked up, more worried and tense then ever before, "All these years I thought you were just another man trying to get into my pants." She stopped and thought about what to say next. It was vital that she was careful or everything could crumble in front of her eyes.

"Every minute was a struggle to convince myself that you were different." Her voice developed a quiver.

"When we parted... I was left alone." She couldn't bring herself to look in his eyes. "I was so alone." She said, closing her eyes. "Finally I lost the battle and locked you in the farest corner of my mind."

"And now... Now I live in fear of losing you or dissapointing you or..." She sniffled, "I went from being the loneliest girl in the galaxy to the luckiest in thirty seconds flat. It is just hard to take it in."

OOC: That was the best I could come up with :S I guess it's not terrible


"Mess hall is right over there." Andrew said pointing to a door with blood stains all over it.
They are all bred for war, and have very good training upon birth. Again, no eating teh bugs, unless you want to be broken down at a molecular level as well.

Walking along, I look over at Stefan;
...such a good guy... I wish he'd be a little more open though...
Reaching out, I lightly poke Stefan in the shoulder;

He asks, looking over at me;

"Where are we going?"
I reply with a question of my own.

"I'm going to the Phantom for some well deserved rest. You should go get some sleep too."

"Oh come on, why don't we head back to Aradia and talk for a bit?"
I ask, with a sly grin.
I smile and walk over to Sam, grasping her shoulders. "Sam, I don't blame you for thinking that. I didn't exactly come across as anything else. As for losing me," I kiss her, "I'd be a fool to let you go. I never meant to leave you alone, but I couldn't support anyone else at the time. Hell, I was lucky to be able to support myself. That's all changed since then."

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