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War, how are you so good at RP girls? I find it extremely difficult to dig up what a girl would think or how a girl would react.


She bit her lower lip, then looked into his eyes "Promise?"
I walk over, the blood stream wasn't letting up. I opened the doors, not entirely sure what to expect.
I've never done it before myself. My favorite author has a lot of female protagonists, so I guess that's helped a bit.
There were sinks lining the walls with blood stains everywhere. A cleaning droid was hard at work in the corner.
"What the..." Alida thought.

I meant to stop the bleeding, not to actually clean it up.

I walk back outside, go back to Andrew, and say simply, "Anywhere to maybe stop the bleeding?"
He gave a puzzled face, "There are med-kits in the cabinets, look left when you go in."
As Ro'rai awakens and checks on the chamber in which Meridia always was he finds her gone. He starts to panic. He was entrusted in protecting her, and yet, she was gone! His panic soon turned to fear of what might've happened to her. But then, then he finds something. A message. Gladiatores. Ego sum bysso. Ego reliqui. EGO iustus valet ultra nolo vos pereamus.

Ro'rai thinks of where she could've gone.

OOC: "I am going to type up a character sheet for Ro'rai. And I also agree it is hard. This is because, like most males, find females hard to understand. And the ones at my school are even harder to understand then most."
OOC: In the discussion thread I hope.
I quickly walk back over, starting to become aware of the fact that I'd lost quite a bit of blood. I find the med kits and patch it up, then clean my bloody spots. I then walk back out.
IC post please. *Readies back hand.*

She bit her lower lip, then looked into his eyes "Promise?"

I kiss her again. "Promise."
And on the other end of the spectrum...

I sigh and shake my head;
"Forget it, it's not going to happen, you need to find somebody else."
I say sadly.

Alicia's eyes flash in anger;
"And why not?! You're the best, most honest man I know! Why do you insist on being so detached from the universe? So totally.. Un-human?!"

I round on her, yelling for the first time;
"Because I'm not human!.. not any more..."
My shoulders slump, as Alicia stares at me in disbelief;

"..what?.. I.. I.. don't understand..."
Alicia replies numbly.

With a small sad smile, I take off my helmet. Wincing, I peel back what appears to be my skin suit at the top of my neck. Underneath, instead of skin, there's nothing but ultra-dense muscle, cybernetic implants and bio-mechanical microcircuitry.

Gently pushing it back into place, I rest a hand on her shoulder;
"I.. I'm sorry... I should have told your the first time you.. brought it up... I'd hoped that you'd just give up and find someone else..."
I say quietly.
I walk back over to where Andrew and the wolf-man were.

"Okay, by the way, nice sparring match...err, what's your name?" I say to the man.
Ouch! *Hands Alicia some burn ointment.* You're going to need that.
Yep. Just as a question, was anyone expecting this?
Well, I was torn between whether you'd go with the black screen or that.
Ro'rai finally figures it out. He sees Meridia's armor. "Bene, cacas." He grabs the armor and her weapons and leaves to find a Phantom.

Korzis finds that it is the Charus. "How the hell did she get mom's ship?"

I find my Phantom and take off. I planned to find some place I could build my works in peace, yet still thrive. A journey that would be quite hard.
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Well, I was torn between whether you'd go with the black screen or that.

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"Okay, by the way, nice sparring match...err, what's your name?" I say to the man

"Yes that was a nice sparring match and my name in Bythorceos." bythorceos says. he seems quite upset that he wounded Alida like that. "Oh and the armor i suggested earlier would allow you to use ranged weapons though ....." he trails off obviously contemplating something.
Alida mutters a light laugh.

"I already have ranged weapons. Thanks for asking though."

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