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Protoss noob here (bought sc2 last week, and have non existent RTS experience), and I'm looking for a relatively safe build that is a little forgiving with timings and is useful against all 3 races to begin my practice. any and all advices are appreciated
You would be much better off learning 3 builds.

1 for each race.

PvZ - Forge fast expand

PvT - 1 Gate expand

PvP - 4-gate

Don't have the time to give the build orders, but if you do a google search, or go to You should be able to find them.

You really will want to learn all 3, rather than just 1.
Like erpman said you are going to need to learn to play differently against each race.

If you really want to start off with 1 build to learn how to play with, 3 gate robo should work well enough at the lower leagues for every match up. Google that.

Making an observer will guarantee you don't lose to cloaked units while you are learning how to react to your opponent, and the units you make from 3 gate robo gives you the strongest possible army on 1 base in each matchup early in the game without requiring much control.

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