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Bug Report
Hello there, I had called your customer service support and brought up this issue, and after some inquiry Q&A's the friendly representative had redirected me to the forum.

I have created a custom hotkey setup using your tools that I find very beneficial placing one group hotkey to the middle mouse button (MMB); for example, all "command centers" on middle mouse button. Now, the issue I'm having is when I press the MMB on the mini map, I jump to that location; in other words, the MMB functions as a left mouse click button. If I assign any other function to the MMB, this problem does NOT occur, it only happens if I assign a group hotkey. I have tried several different mice of different brands and different technologies (sensors and such), so I know that it's not the software or hardware. After discussing this with your representative, we thought it might have been a bug.

It would be very much appreciated if you could help me out with this, thank you so much.

If you don't want the MMB to move your camera, you'll need to manually unbind that hotkey from the Move Minimap Camera command in the Unit Management section. This hotkey is only available in the Swarm Beta right now.

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