4 Gate build order.

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9 Pylon 0:50
Chrono Boost Nexus 1:15
Chrono Boost Nexus 1:35
13 Gate 1:40
Send Probe to Scout 1:40
14 Assimilator 2:00
15 Pylon 2:15
17 Cybernetics Core 2:45
20 Zealot 3:00
22 Warp Gate 3:35
Chrono Boost Cybernetics Core 3:35
24 Stalker 3:35
Chrono Boost Cybernetics Core 3:55
24 Gateways (2)(3)(4) 4:10
Send another Probe 4:10
Chrono Boost Cybernetics Core 4:15
26 Stalker 4:20
Chrono Boost Cybernetics Core 4:35
Chrono Boost Cybernetics Core 4:55
26 Pylon 5:00
Attack ramp with Zealot & Stalker
Send both Probes into enemy base
Plant 2 Pylons before Probes die
Chrono Boost Cybernetics Core 5:15
Warp-in 5:40
Chrono Boost Gateway
Continue to Warp-in units
Korean style is better

15-cybernetics core
18-warpgate research

*with scouting probe after you lay down your 3 gates at 450 minerals, warp up to 4 pylons in the enemies base where he can see em, spread the pylons out and you should have enough time to warp in 4 zealots before they are all destroyed. ONLY warp in zealots for this though, stalkers arent needed unless they are microing. If so, try and surround or block stalkers and go for the pylons for a gg.

*Warpgate research should finish at 5:15 and warp ins(4-zealots) should finish at 5:30

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