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I just started playing Starcraft, and I think its tons of fun. That being said, so far I've only had fun while losing. I've lost almost every single game I've played, with the two exceptions being vs. a DC and someone who was brand new and didn't do the tutorial. I'd like to have a chance at having fun while winning.

I've been looking up a lot of strategies and guides, and I understand the basics of what the units are and what they do, and what buildings do for me. My biggest issue is that I don't know when to get certain buildings, or research upgrades, and which upgrades to research, etc.

Also, my absolute biggest problem, is that I am always extremely outnumbered and have no clue how to deal with it. I've learned that protoss units are more expensive, and take up 2 supply instead of 1, so my army is always half the size (at best) than my opponents, and they obliterate me. Another huge issue is that my units are usually a lot slower than my opponent, and they can just kite my soldiers, kill all of my drones, and get out completely unscathed. This happens to me a lot vs. Terran who use reapers.

I try to get Colossus when I'm against someone building a big amount of weaker units, like marines/zerglings/zealots. I go for stalkers if the enemy is building flying units or not a ton of soldiers. I don't know if these are even good strategies, they haven't been seeming to work for me so I guess not. I also don't know how to position my units so that my zealots are tanking, or how to keep everything attacking the right things. It's chaos when I actually get into a battle, and nothing is really under my control.

So I guess that's basically what I need help with. I've been searching for videos, guides, forums, etc., and will continue to search, for answers, but I'd really appreciate some help here :P.
Ok, first thing, whatever you do, don't give up, don't QQ, and always ask questions. As a beginner, the first thing that you would want to do, is work on mechanics. Constantly, throughout the *entire* game, build workers. With your extra money, build nexii and keep building workers for each base. Try not to be supply blocked and keep your money below 200/200. As for units, just pick one that can shoot both ground and air, the Stalker lets say, and just keep amassing it. This advice should last you up to High Silver I think. When you start losing to specific strats, come back and ask mroe questions.

This guy (Day 9) is awesome. His videos present a lot of helpful advice and strategies. I've only been playing SC2 for about 2 weeks and I wouldn't have half as many wins under my belt (not saying 24 is some astounding number), if I hadn't discovered Day9.

Also, a really great website to check out is www.teamliquid.net. They have some really great articles on that site. Particularly, there was an article about "ladder anxiety" that I found particularly helpful as a newbie.

Lastly, if you're having trouble decided which units to use against your opponent's units, there's a unit counter guide in the "game guide" section of this website. Also, I believe the chart on the website is also in game somewhere. Maybe in the help menu. I'd have to log in to check.

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