Map Showcase

The alpha version is now available on arcade. Here is a little video:


You begin by choosing a difficulty and game mode. At the moment, Base Defense is the only mode available (Story Mode will be coming soon).

The objective of Base Defense is to protect Queen Morah for 40 minutes and defeat the Ender of All when it arrives. In addition, the Shrines of Morah (secondary objectives) should be protected because, when one destroyed, all enemies are granted 35% increased maximum health. There are also other secondary objectives for consideration to increase your chances.

Bosses spawn every 10 minutes and enemies are granted a number of affixes (abilities/buffs) depending on the difficulty. For example, an enemy with the Cloak affix can periodically turn invisible, while one with the Hunter affix deals 300% additional damage to Heroes.


    Choose from five difficulties, with a sixth (Grand Master) coming soon.

    Choose from five heroes, each with a specific role (Control, Damage, Support).

    Gain experience and obtain loot. There are many types of loot and each is equipped automatically. You can also sell any item by simply ctrl+right-clicking it.

    Earn achievements to unlock powerful rewards. All achievements can be repeated every game - you earn points for each achievement (with a bonus depending on the difficulty), and then accumulate the points to unlock titles and powerful rewards.

    Customize your hero with talent points acquired each level. You can obtain talents in any order; they are simply arranged in a tree to organize them by cost.

    Purchase buffs and upgrades, hire mercenaries to aid you battle, and even beseech the Gods for their divine intervention at Tetzel Village.

    Instantly travel across the map with Chrono Rifts, restore your health and energy at Domains of Sanctuary, and try your luck at the Runed Phylactery for a legendary item!

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The game's new Terrain is nice, I have played the versions of it's previous, They were alot worse, the work is better, There needs to be MUCH more content, Heroes, Enemies, Items that actually make sense and stronger bosses, Save for the Architect, He can easily beat the Ender in a One on One.

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