Thunder's and Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 5)

Joeyray's Bar
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"Post bad RP blues?" I ask with a raised eyebrow. My back was still slouched, but my facial expression wasn't depicting complete and utter depression.


Since when did Jester make the drinks?
"Since he decided to start letting me make drinks." I reply truthfully.
Since I can't always be here.
"Oh... Alrighty then." I chug down the drink and set it down.

"Anyways, Post Bad RP Blues? What's that?"
"I am a doctor and I can tell you Post Bad RP Blues is something made up so that a certain someone could sell you more alcohol."
I nod slowly, "Figured."
"My service fee payment will cost you 1000 credits."
"smylez, that doctor's license is fake, remember? You made it with crayons years ago." I turn to Markus. "Hey, cheer up. You could be as depressed as CR all the time." I tap something on my wrist computer, and say "Huh......Well, I've got infested Tal'Darim and Dark Templar with my brood. I wonder......Could I make a true Hybrid?"
I crack a smile. "That was rather mean." I then look at my empty glass and shrug. "But true."
i'm getting impatient . . .
"Jester, I was the local doctor long before you came. My resume includes successfully curing Fantasy of sarcasm and also collaborating with Thundercrash to make new breakthroughs in the realm of neurology."

You are needed in Amnesia. Just do a (detailed) (re)post where you attack the north side of the tal'darim.

"Hourglass! Here's the amplifier you asked for!"
I think that I give up on retirement.


I guess that I just need to face the fact that I am a forum constant. Nearly never absent, always watching... reading... judging... and shooting people when the occasion calls for it.
"Uh-huh. Sure you were. And you cured Fantasy of sarcasm? Why didn't you cure his urges to use GM tools on everyone while you were at it?"

Serious note: Ath's brood met up with the other brood at the battlefield, entering behind Zerg lines and joining her attack group. But, of course, I will make leh post.
"Zanon! How will you like to be part of my research to investigate why you are so handsome?"

"He personally came to me when he wanted to be cure of sarcasm. He did not when he showed signs of a control freak. Even I am bounded by my own ethics. I do not force treatment on those unwilling."
Lol... wut?
I would like my psi amplifier now.
"You don't listen well do you? HERE YOU GO SIR! ENJOY!"
*fistbumps Zanon*

I watch over the forums here too even when I'm not on the chat or posting anything, :P
"I'll take that as a yes Zanon! It's time for the smylez Show!"

"First question Zanon, how do you feel about Zarkun's performance as the owner of the bar?"
I shake my head and look at Hourglass. "I served that three hours ago. Someone must have swiped it when you weren't looking." I slide him another. "Pay attention this time."

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