Thunder's and Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 5)

Joeyray's Bar
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See you all tomorrow.

Does anybody know a way to get this ringing sound to stop in my ear?
Bye CR!!!

*Br- er.. I mean Dude hug*

Take care!

Lol, I am not a doctor...
Tinnitus? There are a variety of causes but see if your ear's aren't clogged up by earwax. They usually go away.
They aren't clogged up... Didn't know about the Tinnitus, I thought it was normal since I had it for my entire life.
Everyone gets it every now and then, CR.
I have it too and when it got real bad, I checked an ear doctor and he removed a very hard and dried earwax the size of my fingernails out from both ears. It was a glorious sight and the ringing sensation became very infrequent. It isn't life threatening for many people. It's just annoying.
Guys, guys... GUYS!!!

This video is... So... Epic... Especially if you like disturbed or the following movies:
"300", "Black Hawk Down", "The Last Samurai", "Kingdom of Heaven", "Braveheart", "Gladiator", and "Centurion".

Don't forget to watch the video!! So... EPIC!!!^^^^^^
Well... Thanks. Anything I can do in the meantime to make the ringing not as bad? Just tonight... It's really bad.
Ignore it... No seriously. Put on music or something.


Like the kind in the video!! :P
I'm not a fan of Disturbed.... And I'm trying to fall asleep and stay asleep... Not stay up for the entire night.
12/20/2012 05:01 PMPosted by smylez
most cleverest of them all

"Those who boast an excellent command of the English language."
Try Poets of the Fall; their stuff tends to be more on the mellow side.
I walk back in, my lever action across one shoulder. "What's this about replacing Zanon's roaches?"
"I can always just improve them instead. Of course they will have to be held somewhere more durable..."
I shake my head, setting the rifle in it's place near my hand and mix up a Redstone. "No improvements. Zanon's roaches have always done their job. Why wouldn't they now?"
12/20/2012 09:01 PMPosted by Zarkun
I shake my head, setting the rifle in it's place near my hand and mix up a Redstone. "No improvements. Zanon's roaches have always done their job. Why wouldn't they now?"
"Because I am returning to chaos and smylez is back."
"smylez is back briefly and you're only considering it. Not to mention Zanon is back as well."
The beginnings of a sound can be heard in the distance.

Not quite a screech... Perhaps the sound of reentry of the atmosphere? It is getting louder.
A glance outside shows merely a glimmer of blue in the distance.
A glimmer that becomes a speck.
A speck that becomes a dot.
A dot that becomes a blur.
A blur that becomes a shape.
A shape that shows itself to be a Phoenix.
A Phoenix that shows itself to be piloted by someone who seems intent on crashing though the window. Perhaps backing away would be advisable?

As the Phoenix gets even closer it dives suddenly and swivels a bit before impacting the ground, setting the shields off in a spectacular manner.

The vehicle flips over, lands upright and slides to a stop not 20 meters from the bar door. The landing gear extends, but the activated shield leaves them off the ground.

The shield fails with a pop and the craft falls on its landing gear with a loud crunch. The cockpit opens to reveal a very smug roach. It jumps out with a gurgle, shakes itself off and charges the door. Patrons leap aside as the roach barrels through the door and attempts to turn on a dime. Its claws find no purchase on the floor and it slides sideways on the floor before hitting the far wall with a crash. It darts off down the hallway and into the roach pen.

A clatter turns everyone's attention back to the Phoenix as the cargo bay door opens. A marine stumbles out. "So... Dizzy..." He falls flat on his face... That is, he would have if he had not been in power armor. As it was, he just kind of... fell.

A High Templar walked out second. He was also stumbling but began to float before he could hit the ground. Indignation colors his thoughts. "That insect will not make such a fool of me." He floats directly into the bar wall next to the door. His thoughts bear the tone of embarrassment and defeat as he slides to the ground. "Next time... I pilot."

There is a flash as an immortal bearing many patches and weapons appears in the blink of an eye. "Our duty is unending. We once again mach on these lands, though we had thought we would never do so again."

Lastly a man with a revolver at his hip and a star upon his chest strides out of the cargo bay to survey the bar. He places his hands on his hips. "Indeed. We have work to do."

A hologram of an Aiur Chef appears on the counter. "Glad you could all make it back. Next time, I'm going with you."
Someone is fired...
I turn to Zarkun. "I was thinking about replacing the roaches with something more violent, but I don't have any hybrids yet to use." I finish my drink and disappear from sight, teleporting elsewhere.

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