Thunder's and Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 5)

Joeyray's Bar
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Oh, how exciting!
*I start to pack Zarkun's bag as to prepare for that moment when Zanon takes back control from him*
Poor guy...
*A book in my hand... How to make Roast Medivac Pilot*

And I have some terrible, terrible news... I get to have so much fun with my dad this weekend. *Sarcasm* And I wont be able to get on this nor will I be able to talk to any of you... So I'll be stuck in pretty much every RP that I'm in.
I look at the Roach and shake my head. "Digger, you need to learn how to fly better." Then I walk up to Zanon. "Glad to see you back sir. The bar is, well, mostly how you left it. I added an underground storage facility."
*A funeral service was in place by me... Several sobbing members as they heard what happened to the Arena and Laboratory... That was when they noticed something else as well... Someone demolished the shrine to the Changeling!* Nuuuu!

Okay... I was paying Zanon for that area of the bar and no it's all gone........ And no, since you were in charge the money doesn't go to you, it still goes to Zanon... I'm taking my baby back by force!

*I lead a charge of Bloodthirsty patrons down the stairs to take back what was rightfully mine*
Dude....there's more then enough room. Go look for yourself. Your arena is dusty, but there.
*They start tearing down the extra storage and they expand the arena for their hostile takeover*
*There shall be no basement once they are done.*
Several shots ring out and the tearing apart stops, the storage room repairing itself. "I didn't shoot any of ya'll, but if the violence persists, I'll put a shot in each of ya'll's heads. Now git." The crowd returns to their drinks and peace is returned. "Don't touch the storage room."
*My finger touches the storage room as I apply my Hyper Lethal Zerg in a renovation project, with 'borrowed' Protoss shielding tech... And Roach regeneration*
And actually, this entire underground expansion you created... Does belong to me...
*I pull out the contract that me and Zanon made*
I shake my head. "No one person owns the ground." The storage room expels the added programming. "And I own the rights to the area I built the storage area in. You can deal with the fact that I did it. It's a level or two below your arena anyways."
...It's still fully underground and I own all underground facilities under this bar.
*Next was the Tal'darim Praetor acting as Foremen as all my characters begin to restore the arena from the evil clutches that was the Storage Room*
More shots, this time removing appendages. "Step away from the storage facility. As for ground rights, you're renting space, in the bar that is now mine. I technically own the rights, so if I build a storage facility on sub level 4, where as you're on sub level 1, I'm not harming the afore mentioned contract. Those labs take up sub levels 5 through 20, so I haven't touched them and the shrine is sub level 2. Everything is fine."
The arena goes through Sublevels 1-4.
*Due to plot hole technology created by Kay Oh! No appendages were lost as the renovations continued.*
I shake my head. "It goes through sub level one and is a lowered ceiling in sub level 2. Three and four are completely untouched by it. I checked before I started construction."
A door opens up in the bar, and I walk out in a bloody surgical outfit. Several people give me looks, and I look down at my outfit, and then turn around, going back into the room. I come back out a bit later without the surgical outfit on, and no blood. I take a spot at the bar, and say "Don't ask."
*Laughing at that joke*
I need a lot of sublevels to hold my pretties... And how are you going to get to the Storage Room if you are eaten alive? I made sure that you had to go through the pens now. :3
I glare at Zarkun. "You destroyed the shrine. YOU DESTROYED THE SHRINE! YOU SHALL FOREVER BE THE REAPERS TOY!"
"Funny thing, you just broke the zoning law with that. You only require a spacious sub level one for your pens, which is what you have. Since you attempted to mess with things however, you'll be receiving a fine from the zoning agency." I slap SF. "I said sub level 2. What about that didn't you hear."
A fine!? OH NO!
*Someone from the Zoning Agency arrives as I bite my fingernails, he comes up to me and says this...*
"Have a fine day!" He said with a smile and left.

*I celebrate in my victory!*
And my contract said I am allowed to build anywhere underground... I am not limited to sublevels like you.
"You are now. I had to change the contract with the discovery of the afore mentioned shrine and labs." The real Zoning agent arrives and hands CR a piece of paper, reading his fine was 500 thousand dollars for going beyond his allowed area.
*I wave at the Zoning Agent but I noticed he made a mistake, it didn't have my name on it... But surely it was Zarkun, because I made a calculated mistake on the zoning... I meant it went to 3.99999. So in fact, I win for the day and hand Zarkun his fine for making a false call.*
Sorry man.

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