Thunder's and Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 5)

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Sweet. Can't wait to have ya back.
"WOOHOO! And Jester is correct. It is too late." A Hybrid army starts storming from my lab.
I glare SF down. "Fix it. Now."
"Fine." I press a button on my wrist and an army of Orks start to swarm over the Hybrids in a tide of green before starting to charge at the bar. "There."
I sigh and hit a button, a disintegration beam appearing and killing the Orks. "Drink?"
I look quizzically at the bodies of the Hybrids. "How the hell...? You know what, nevermind."
I tap something on my wrist-computer, and a holographic image pops up. It looks roughly like an Archon, but it isn't a floating ball of energy.
Project Ressurection is coming along quite smoothly though Kro appears to be one and Markus has nott posted. I think its the only active SC based RP around LOLOLOL
"Reaper is alive and it is SC based. So you are incorrect my dear, delusional, usually illogical, friend."
I said "I think"........ *Shoots SF with Kitten Cannon*
I punt Mecha to the moon. "You violated Bar Code 43 alpha. No kitten cannons."
I aim my hand at the moon and press a button on my wrist and the moon Mecha is on blows up. "Fireworks are fun to play with."
...Kitten Cannons... I thought we weened him off of that... Any who, bring me up to date in every RP I'm in? To lazy to read. :\
"I don't know if I can..."
*My battle plans were out, on the high ground I had a company of Ranger's, and on the low ground I had a company of Armored Mechs. Their target... The Kitten Cannons*
Suddenl hundreds of Christmas Laser Cats warp in ahnialating CR's army with their beams of Christmas joy.
*Yes, but what the cats didn't realize was that Santa Claus gave every troop a functional Portal Gun that managed to defeat all the cats by sending them to the sun*
I just glare at Mecha and unleash another horde of Orks on a WAAAGH! Soon everything Mecha knew and loved was annihilated by the idiotic, but brutish, Orks.
I appear from nowhere, playing bad techno music until the cats' heads explode. Once they're dead, I throw acid all over the cats, utterly destroying their remains from existence. Then, I destroy the "cat portal", and kick a cute, innocent, and harmless kitten out of spite. I kick it so hard actually, that it goes off the top of a skyscraper.
I wouldn't call all Orks idiotic, but most of them are... Now, the Orks though were the reason why the universe didn't fall the first time if you paid attention, but I'm sure you already knew that. That and the Eldar helped as well.
What they didnt realize was that the amount of Christmas cheer everywhere saved the cats who then killed CR's army and SF's army as well.


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