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"But it's really interesting! It involves two different holidays of religions that were really big and the traditions being awesome in the Roman Empire!"

"You see, Christianity was only recent. And the Catholics were arguing on the birth date of Jesus. It was approaching two different Holidays for two different religions. Their names elude my currently. Anyways, the tradition for one was to watch gladiator fights and other such things, and the other I don't know anymore. Now, the Catholics wanted even more Christians to come along. So they decided the date right smack dab between these two major holidays and combined the best traditions from each right there. This was all devised by the Christians to attract more people to their religion. And it worked pretty damn well.

"And that my friends, is the true meaning of Christmas. The attempt to bring in as many Christians as possible. It may also be the birth date of Christ. But chances are its not."
No, you are simply twisting things for your chaotic convenience. The true meaning of Christmas is Charity, the true love of Christ.
"I am nor twisting anything. The 25th is Christmas because of the reason I mentioned back there."
ok . .
Oh, and i found something you guys might find interesting:
Ummm all you in Project Ressurection a big event has happened which means a chance for escape.
did someone create a part 6 or something?
Hmmm for my triumphant return... I give you all...
*A horrible ripping, twisted sound is accompanied by the image of the person's arm seeming to melt, the skin peeling back, and the bones warping to form a large, pearly white blade, glinting off of the lights in the room.*
A ShadowFury on a stick~
*A whir, followed by the spray of blood erupting from his chest, splattering the wall, as I detach the blade at my elbow, walking over to the bar and taking a seat.*
It's my time to shine... once again~
Art thou HBRB?
I take my hand off my revolver, shaking my head. "Man...I just cleaned that wall from SF's mess too..."
art thou Smylez?

Sorry Zark, don't tell me he hasn't had it coming while I've been gone~
Thou plan to RP soon? Perhaps a little Amnesia?
"I won't say that, but I did just clean the wall..." Shaking my head, I grab the help and we start cleaning the wall. Again.
*I sigh, walking up to you and patting your shoulder.* Don't stress yourself~
*A long tail emerges from my back, wiping up the wall, and leaving a steamy substance that quickly dissipates.* You see, I've learned some things while I was gone~
I nod appreciatively and go back behind the counter then stop. "Who's telling Zanon?"
Everyone, please move to the Dime and Spectre and leave this bar to eat the dust to welcome the return of the changeling once this thread reached the limit.

*shrugs, then cackles* Same person who's going to tell Shadow that he's been impaled?

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