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Blarghle, blargh... I'm bored.
Hey people! Just starting to get a break from school work. (Ironic, next week is semester finals) but, just wondering...

How many of you have read my story, I just want some feedback on my first written story that I actually started a long time ago. Only got feedback from one person, I would like to hear from others who may or may not have read it.
Well then, I need not reply. I'm enjoying it, truthfully. I'm actually looking at starting a new story and scrapping A Knight's Tale for now.
Once more, thank you.

And I'll be sure to take a look at it!
Thanks. I'm sure A Knight's Tale is fourth or fifth page at least by now.
I forgot to tell y'all that I don't know when I'll be home from school because of a club. :/
Just letting you all know.
I look around. "Wake up, ya'll, the tourney's about to turn on."
"Meh." I reply, taking a drink of Vodka.
"Yeah. Character Tourney. I hear it's Zaros versus Abel. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that the Demon has no restrictions this time around."
"If it is no restricted Demon, be prepared for all life on that planet be consumed in a small amount of time."
"They built this arena on a terraformed asteroid. Shouldn't be any lives but Abel's."
"I feel bad for Abel now, the excruciating pain. I'll make it as painful as possible."
"Winner faces some kind called the Warper. Guess he's fairly new, but has beat all his opponents so far."
"Again, Demon rips reality itself without a host. And with a host he can absorb the very essence of something."
"I don't even know if the guy is living, or even has a physical body. He's done some freaky sh!t. I watched him turn Rave inside out from the inside." I take a sip of a Mixer as the match comes on. "Thankfully these are nightmares."
How many JoeyRayer's can play SC2? I think we should all play a massive free for all :D

Except... I think everyone would gang on me -_- Just a hunch
"I know for a fact that if I tried to play with ya'll, I'd be kicked out due to lag."
"No, we would gang on Mecha. And I am in gold league, but am not super good at it. So I am trying out Terran and Zerg, then I am testing my Protoss skills, whoever it is easiest to win with I am going to be permanently."
"I'm a Zerg person. I love zerg, along with the fact that I usually get lings out fast because my brother is slow when building Toss units."

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