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Nao! This ain't arguing... Welcome to the bull!@#$tery!
*The one Tal'darim Protoss continues to stare me down, she seems to be a commander, under Protoss standards that is*
I'm being stared at... She wont let me go until I finish her character sheet...
I come back.

"Whoever raided my labs should kindly speak up right now."
Lab? I just found it under the floorboards... And you know what dust does to electronics inside of an Adjutant.
*The Tal'darim continues her death stare!*
I will kill you Terran if you don't continue with the sheet... Or better yet... I'll subject you to Sundrop! We can handle it but you Terran's are light weights!
"I will make sure your body consists of a solely of a raw potato and several wires and electrodes connected to your processing chip."
"smylez, no GLADOS moments. Otherwise I will put you in a Phase unit."
*Blank stare as I'm afraid of the Protoss*
Smylez, I'm not GLADOS... I will not be powered by a raw potato. But I'm more afraid of the Sundrop... I will get addicted to the stuff!
"I will put YOU inside of my head Jester!"

"You are right, I am being too generous. Your new body will consist entirely of the feces originating from the local stray pets. The flies will keep you company."
*That was when the Tal'darim approached me and applied Sundrop to my skin*

Whatever, and as Terran's say it... You're my !@#$% now.
"Smylez, do you want me to perform tests on you, or do you want to leave Crymson alone?"
"Try me."
Smylez, just take the glass, you wimp.
and "tal'darim! ulrezaj is getting impatient. you might want to go see him."
"I will have your more than your livers wimp."
*As Psi energy built up to from the deadly Psi Blade, she stepped closer to the Sentry known as Hourglass*
You should know better than to talk back at me machine! Don't make me use you for this Terran sport called... Bowling...
Smylez: drink the spupid shot.
Crymson: I am your master, ulrezaj. i have better things to do that angue with you.
This is a nice change, having a somewhat blood thirst Character who subjects her prisoners with Sundrop. Now I see why SF had fun...

*She stepped closer to him until the blade was at its core*
Do you want to be like that Sentry who broke down because he felt love?

;) Smylez knows what I'm talking about.
I do.
"Merges with the dark templar in the corner"
There. i am now your superior."
*If she could smile, she would have by now*
You do realize that Tal'darim kill Dark Templer!?
"Emergency portrait change"
Obviously, you have not done your homework.

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