opponets favored every game

Bug Report
i keep playing people better than me and losing almost every game for about 25 1v1 matches.
I do agree that I'm playing like 80% of the time vs someone much better. This means I win about 1 game on 4 or 5. The funniest thing is that I got promoted from silver to gold. This is in team games with a friend however. Most of the games are vs platinum players or diamond and we were silver. Don't say it's because we were good and got promoted, we have a win ratio of something like 20%-30%.

Anyway, just saying, I feel like we're never playing against Teams Even, and even if the loading screen show teams as even, when you look at the other players' profile, they are like plat or higher. I know that I'm platinum. But you can't compete vs 2 other platinum if you're ally is not that good. System ranked us in silver, not to play vs platinum I believe.
wow so with 20% u got ranked up?

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