In Glory We Return, Part 2

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Continued from: In Glory We Return
Reserved for character stuff.
Squad Anonym move to either side of the door to allow the firebats to move in.
Terri was at the computer within the blink of an eye. Hooking her PDA up into the computer as well, sifting through information that could be useful... "I could hack right into here to see if I can get a more direct route to the mainframe."
I shake my head. "No. This is most likely a personal computer, so there won't be any link. Now step away and let the General through."
Terri was still focused on the computer, sifting through more documents. "No... I mean a better access route to it from here, if we can just take a few shortcuts..." That was when she accidentally clicked on something and the audio turned on, almost like a repeated message, or a daily log.
I shake my head. "I said no. Odds are the files are encrypted anyways. Let's see what the Administrator had to say, and then keep moving. Who knows how many infested there are in this place, just waiting to hatch."
"Why do you think I'm copying them onto my PDA? So we can decrypt them later.... Just let me do my job, and I'll let you do yours. Unless you want to sift through Terabytes of information?"
"Your job is to get the information and hand it to the General. Keep that in mind."
"Yes, and why don't I just copy them all down and give him the PDA once the mission is over so he can review the information? Sir..." The files were almost downloaded onto the PDA, just a little longer.
I pull out my pistol and level it with the PDA. "Loose the files. You don't need them if you're going to sell them." Her eyes were telling it all, every intent behind her action.

OOC: Plus I do believe Zanon had a plan for this.
"I can't sell when I'm being monitored 24/7, plus it's useless when I'm still a prisoner... don't ya think? And if you destroy the PDA... Then I wont be able to hack into the system as quickly... Would you rather destroy it so we are stuck hacking a computer for several hours?" Terri had thought in her mind that this man was not giving up, nor would it be pretty if he chooses what he does next.

OOC: I know, but why don't we add some interesting' twist?
I walk up to the console and gently push the convict aside.

"I appreciate your eagerness but let's see what the administrator has to say. Computer. Voice authorization Warfield, Brigadier General. Access personnel logs. Confirm command."
"Command confirmed. Welcome General."
"Computer, *There is a loud fwoooom as the firebats get started* access last recorded video log."
"Repeat command."

I sigh and repeat the query.

"Computer, access last recorded video log and put on main screen."
"Accessing last recorded video log."

The wall screen on the far side of the room lights up. A balding man in his late sixty's appears.

"This is Sorin Grateman, head of this facility's R&D division. The artifact's emminations have attracted the Zerg despite the mile of crust between us and the surface of the planet. The zerg have already burrowed into the facility... Near as we can tell the breach was on sub level 129. They burrowed right through the walls. Our attempts to contain the Zerg have failed and..."

The man stops as another scientist runs into the recording frame.
"Sorin! Protoss just warped into the facility on SL 209!"

Sorin pauses and thinks for a long moment. He suddenly seems to remember the recorder is on and smooths his coat out before begeing to speak again.
"I am going to activate this facility's self destruct..."

I speak immediately. "Computer pause recording! What is the status of the self destruct?"
"Self destruct system disabled by the Protoss. Nine minutes remain on the countdown if it is resumed.

I sigh in relief. "Resume recording."

All R&D data will be transferred into the Doomsday Vault on SL 289. All remaining data will be destroyed in accordance with cleanup procedure 10.45.36. This is Sorin Grateman, signing off."

I smile.
"Congrats convict. You have everything except what we really need."
*Zarkun's comment here on loose the files*
"Belay that order. We were supposed to copy everything and that is part of it."
Terri smiled, her hands on her hips. "Don't ask... The Artifact Data?"

Romeo had a question to ask, it was important. "We might have a problem with the the self destruct, sir... How far down is it? And will there be enough time to get out once it ticks back into place?"
"Well, are we going to resume the self-destruct as we leave? Or let the Zerg and Protoss have this facility?" Irene asks.

Jaden looks around the room. He thought he had heard growls coming from the walls and under his feet...
"The Protoss wouldn't have stayed in this facility. They would have gotten what they wanted and warped out. And no. Since it was not in our orders, we will not activate the self destruct unless it becomes necessary."
I nod and head back to the door. "Sir, if those were cocoons, do you think...the facilities personnel were all infested?"
I take out a bowie knife and break a cocoon. A gruesome humanoid looking thing spills with tendrils and the like covering much of its body.

"Well I'll be damned Captain. There's your answer."

I stab it in the head to make sure it is dead.

"There's an I.D here. J. Anderson, scientist with a level two clearance. I don't think there's anyone left here."
I nod. "I doubt this is the only room with cocoons in it. From here on out, firebats torch every room after we inspect it."
"Wouldn't want any nasty surprise popping up behind us."

Matt glances at Terri. That one is bad news.

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