In Glory We Return, Part 2

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Jake, P&P please. I need your fleet to arrive.

IC: {This is Captain Teo. The General is fine. Command had a ghost follow us and he tried to kill the general after we found his niece. Command may not be as trustworthy as we though.}
I sigh. Why did they assign a retiree to this team? Convicts to. Someone doesn't like me.

"To answer your question, I do not have the clearance to access the data core. Military secretes stay secretes because not everyone has access to them. Most of the people with clearance died in this facility. The ones that didn't die are not combat qualified. Not unlike our dearly departed political officer."

I hate that I have to do this.
"I don't like making threats, but hear me now. If you fail to follow my orders I won't write a mean after action report. I will have you court-marshaled. Poof. There goes your honorable discharge. Do you understand me?"

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"I'm not injured. Move out."
"If you say so General. My squadron will move on ahead and scout the area. Do keep an eye on your niece. Won't want to lose her again."
"Understood. Regrouping."

Squad Anonym moves down the hallway back to the rest of the squad in combat formation.
I shake my head and head down the hall I'd seen Hanson come from. There had to be some reason he'd come down here.
"We hold the position until she wakes up." Irene says, carrying Terri.

Jaden meets back up with the group.
Advancing some fifty meters through the fastest route, I find myself standing on the doorway, the catwalk in front of me. Up ahead were several doors but there was another pressing issue. Down below the circular room and stuck on the walls were many, many cocoons.

"Dear god..." said Pvt. Rick standing next to me.

"Well, I guess we know where everyone here went," remarked Pvt. Ryan.

"Oh man, this must be where they take their prisoners..." said Cpl. Andy.

I radio the others, "Commander, I think I know what happened to the majority of the facility's personnel and it isn't pretty. I'm on a catwalk and down below me, Sector 5C is filled with cocoons and I mean it is filled from top to bottom. Is there an other route?"
I reach a doorway and notice that some blood had dripped down. The strange thing was, there was no body above, and it went into the doorway I follow it to the incinerator vent. "Ah hell." {General, Hanson's dead. It's a changeling. Sergeant Chen, Hanson may have started another route, I'm confirming on the schematics now.}

OOC: Which everyone has a copy of.
I raise my rifle. "Hanson! Weapon on the floor now!" Weapons come up all around the room, but no one knows what is going on. Uncertain glances are exchanged between people.

"Easy Brigadier. We are all on the same side here. No need to get jumpy."

"That is an order private."

"Ok. I'm setting it do-"
The changeling pulls the trigger and makes a sweeping motion. Three corporals and two privates (one of them a heavy) go down. The heavy is still alive, but none of the others are as lucky.

I pull the trigger on my rifle and fill the changeling with holes. "Private Hanson was a changeling. They know our position. Move out double time."
Great. Changelings are my least favorite thing. By far. I obey instantly. No point in sticking around here. Who knows if anyone else (I glance at Clare) is a Zerg plant.

Unfortunately, I can't check to put my own mind at ease, because I've had the misfortune to become an actual part of this mission, instead of an observing presence.

Meaning finding out details like that would alter my behavior, damaging the plot.

I hear gun fire and sprint out the door, only to find myself staring down a Hunter Killer and three normal Hydralisks. "F*ck!" I dive behind some metal crates as they shoot spines at me and put the pistol over the cover, firing blindly. {General, I'm pinned down by a Hunter Killer and three Hydras. And from the sounds of it, more are coming down this hallway. I'll do what I can to slow them down.}
"Changelings? That can't be good..."

As if ordered by some higher entity, the eggs suddenly all popped at once. Some of the eggs near the ceiling spilled their content on the catwalk. A pack of infested terrans emerged and turned around sensing us. They snarled and moved slowly towards us, quickly picking up speed with every step.

My squad back towards the doorway at my signal. "Open fire! Open fire! Hit them while they are still disoriented!"

I pull the pin on a grenade and throw over the railing to the floor below. A mass of flesh and bone flew into the air. Feral screams filled the room and the shadows of the zergs illuminated itself against the dim light.

The ones at the catwalk were overcome with gunfire from my squadron.

I radio Wells and keep the link open, "Commander, a horde of infested terrans just hatched at sector C right after you killed the changeling and they seem to be heading straight for you! There must be a higher command strain in the complex because the eggs don't all spontaneously hatch at once. We'll try to thin out their numbers from here but there's no guarantee we'll get them all. [gunfire begins]"

"They're climbing the walls! Oh my god, how are they doing it so fast?"

"Shoot those bastards down! Don't let them come near the doorway! [Gunfire]"

"Easy pickings! [Seemingly loud crash] What the hell is that on the catwalk? Get out of its way!"

"Gah! My foot! No! Help! It's pulling me in! GET IT OFF ME! NO, STOP STOP! ARGHHHHHHHHHH! [Sound of something viciously ripped apart and a loud unfamiliar roar]"


"Our bullets are hardly phasing it! Commander! We are facing an unknown strain! I repeat, there's a new strain! Fall back now!"

"They're coming behind us too! We've been ambushed?!"

"Through that hallway! Quickly! Move! MOVE! Electronically locking this door. That should buy us a few seconds. Hurry! We'll meet up with the others! [Faint screams in the background and a faint sound of the door bursting outward]"

OOC: I'm bringing the horde to y'all.
I'm pinned away from the fun everyone.

IC: I curse as I hear the sounds over the radio. {Chen, get your men out and plant some of the explosive we were supplied with and a trip wire. It'll cause the ceiling behind you to collapse.} I glance around the corner of the crate and grin. They were almost in melee range. "Come and die, bastards." I keep firing until the last second, then switch weapons and come around, using the Hunter Killer as a shield after I run it through. Hurry up General.

OOC: I hope I didn't just kill of a character I had a future planned for...
"This door looks very sturdy! It should even take time for that brute to get through! Lace it with explosives along the sides of the door! We'll remotely detonate it when that beast is on top of it and hopefully the ceiling will collapse and block the hallway!"

I raise my gun, swapping it to marksman mode.
I set my rifle to full auto and start backing up slowly, sights on the door, barking orders;
"Everyone back up! I want a kill-zone established with the firebats at the front. Now!"
I don't want to do anything more until Zanon shows up...

Edit-I may have discouraged further posting with that. I meant nothing more with my person.
Idiot. We already lost one man who separated from the group.

"Form up. Objective is to rescue Captain Garand. Sergent Striker, you and your squad take position in the middle of the column. Your objective is to protect Clare. MOVE!"
{Negative, sir. I can hold here. Get the objective. I'll meet you there.} I pull my pistol, still using the Hunter Killer as a shield and fire at the Hydralisks, each shot a head shot. {One man isn't worth the mission.}
[Acknowledged. I'm still sending you help.]
"New orders. Striker, leave Clare with me and move your squad to support the commander. Everyone else to the primary objective."

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