In Glory We Return, Part 2

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Well you're up late.
{Roger.} I kept firing, making sure that nothing got past me. If it did, well, that would be bad for the mission.
{General, there are numerous heat signatures bearing down on us.}
"Advance. Use cover when possible. If we don't move forward now we never will. Is our hacker awake yet?"
I think CR may have forgotten. I'll remind him when I get a chance.
I head out down the corridor. A zergling appears, leaping onto a carcass before pouncing at me. I gun it down and get under cover. Where there's one Zergling...
Didn't know how long she would be knocked out until Zarkun told me.

IC: Terri was slowly becoming one with the world again as her vision came to be (Meh, switched her back to third person) that was when there was fighting to be had. Zerg everywhere! "My head..."
The door buckles and breaks and the unknown strain emerges from the door. At once, the mines trigger, blasting the beast to smaller parts and the ceiling collapse on whatever that remained of it. The doorway was blocked off.

"Commander, we're several hundred feet from your position. We'll take another route to the objective. I'll report if I find anything of interest along the wall. The horde may come to you know if they haven't already."

"Come on men, we're moving!"
[Here is your new rout. *mapdata* Follow it and you should arrive at the data core a minute after we do.]
What's with the brackets? Radio transmissions?

"Affirmative sir."

IC: Assuming we make it to the data core. I kill the first 'ling's partner and get ready for more.
I reach the other hydras and pull out the gunblade kicking the corpse into the others, then going to work. {Where the hell is that back up?}
12/19/2012 08:53 AMPosted by Zarkun
{Where the hell is that back up?}

The Zerg must have heard you.
The ground fractures suddenly, and the head of a nidus worm explodes out of it. It roars its rage at the world, the sound echoing off the enclosed walls of the hall. It settles back slightly, opening its maw so that the horde of Zerg can spew forth from it.

There is a deafening roar of an entirely different kind on the far side of the hall. A roar infinitely more welcome. The roar... of a Type IV High Explosive Rocket propelled from the tube of a bazooka.

A tank killer.

The rocket flies right into the worm's mouth. The is silence, then a muffled explosion. The worm twitches a little, then slides backwards into it's hole.

Sgt. Striker lowered his bazooka and smiles.
"Looks like we arrived just in time. What does that make us private?"

"Big dam heroes sir."
I look back at the Sergeant and chuckle. "Good timing Sergeant. That may have bought us some time. Let's get defensive positions set up. We can't let them past this point."
Summary? Please?
{Sir, there are a lot of Zerglings coming from this direction. I'm holding them of as best I can.}
After waking up I had to know where I was... Still in the facility with these !@#$ %^-*!. "My head hurts! Whats going on!?"
12/20/2012 12:42 PMPosted by MarkusDaWise
Summary? Please?

We are on SL 300 of a facility to hack a data core.

IC: "Good you're awake. We are here." I motion both squads to the sides of the door, and they continue to lay down suppressing fire. I take a breaching charge from my belt and place it on the door. "Breach in 10 seconds. Close visors."

I take a few steps to the side and turn my back to the door.


"Bravo squad! In you go."

There is a brief bustle as the room is cleared. It is empty save for the data core.
"Get to work convict. We are already too deep in Zerg."
The Sergeant's squad and I were doing well, keeping the Hydralisks from making headway towards the General and the others. {General, eta on that data?}
Great. I get to be the one who heroically holds off a horde Zerglings. And then dies.

Suddenly, I find myself standing by the door into the data room. What the...

Plot hole. Just get to work.

Aye sir!

I stand guard, watching for Zerg, my little friend monitoring the actions of everyone in the area.

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