In Glory We Return, Part 2

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I just got to work... What annoyance that thee had to do everything during this mission... And she was not liking that one Officer that knocked her out earlier.
"We're here commander. Damn, you won't believe what we saw."
{This is Captain Teo. How much longer on that data extraction? They're pushing hard down this hallway.} Gun fire could be heard along with the ping of spines hitting their cover. An explosion soon follows. "Save the shredder grenades! We'll need them if sh!t hit's the fan!"

OOC: Someone will need to look over CR's shoulder. He's gone til Sunday.
I gun down a Zergling, hoping nothing else is fast enough to get past Teo and company.
12/21/2012 03:00 PMPosted by Zarkun
OOC: Someone will need to look over CR's shoulder. He's gone til Sunday.
Sunday or Monday. :3
I'm just here to tell y'all I'm doing fine... Not going to post any thing in an RP that is important since there's no point in RPing with limited access. :\
There is a ping as the download (which seems to have taken three days -_-) finishes.

"Objective secured and transferred. Our brand new and only purpose is to get to the surface. Move out!"
Terri had finished uploading the crucial data. "Hopefully we can still use the freight elevator."

Romeo was still knocked out on a mans shoulder.
{General, are we clear to displace?} I cut down another Hydra, using it's body as cover as I move back. We couldn't hold much longer, and they were bringing in Roaches.

It's Christmas and I'm trying to run an RP! I am ashamed. Quick, everyone return to their families and friends merry get together (if applicable) before someone notices you are on the computer.
I was just on because I had free time any way when I got up.
*Several Medics arrive on the scene of the dying RP. All with Defibrillators as they took turns trying to revive it.*

This is not dead. It was just shut down for the holidays.

[We are cleared to leave. Get your rears to the lift.]
{Roger that.} "Fall back to the lift, let's go!" We move back down the hallway, keeping a withering amount of fire on the Zerg in the hallway but receiving just as good and barely avoiding the spines. That poison in them was never a good thing.
I move quickly, keeping close to Terri.
I follow along. My odds of surviving this mission seem to be increasing. I would hate to die, because then I'd be stuck sorting Books in some interdimensional Library.
I need to give this more attention.

IC: We arrive at the lift with zerglings close behind.
I keep up a steady rate of fire, my gunblade cutting down the brave ones. "Glad to see you're alive, sir." I grin sideways and keep up my death dealing.
I swap to marksman mode and start picking off the ones Teo misses... not that there are many. He seems to know what he's doing.
I think I will turn this into a story, just so it gets a solid ending.
Great. I'm definitely going to die now.

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