In Glory We Return, Part 2

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The ghost stood motionlessly as the Dominion security guard walked down the hallway.

The guard was a fit man in his late twenties and had the regulation buzz cut hairstyle. It would need trimming in a few days. The ghost observed emotionlessly. The man had no armor and a standard issue rifle (for non-suited personnel) nicknamed the 'weakling', because anyone could lift it and control the recoil with only a pittance of training. It was dependable though. And more than capable of taking out a lightly armored ghost.

The guard continued walking and stopped right next to the ghost and sniffed the air once. Almost like he had smelled something...

The ghost raised his sidearm. This was too close to make a sniper rifle practical.

The guard sniffed again.

The ghost gently placed his finger on the trigger.

The guard sneezed explosively, sending snot and a mist of... some other nose particulates out of his nose.
The ghost flinched, but did not pull the trigger.

The guard looked around to make sure no one had seen him, glancing right past the almost non-existent shimmer of the immobile ghost. Now sure that no one was around, he sniffed again and kept walking.
The man had no clue how lucky he was to be alive as he continued his rounds.
And never would.

The ghost continued the rest of his journey unimpeded until he reached a door.
Brigadier General Wells
Was written on the door in nice, clean print.

The ghost took out a specifically designed key card and opened the door with it. The metal door slid aside to reveal Well's office.

The chair (long since replaced after it's run around the facility and track stood behind the desk, looking somehow forlorn. As though it knew its master's office was about to be searched, and there was nothing it could do about it.

The ghost moved around the desk and began opening drawers, skipping the one that was locked and had TOP SECRETE written on it. He was looking for unusual things. A General in possession of Top Secrete documents was not unusual.

The ghost found it on the second drawer on the left. It would not open, and there was no visible key slot. The ghost twisted the knob ever so slightly and heard two clicks.

How about that? A combo locked drawer with no markings on the wood to indicate numbers.
This could take a while.

The ghost allowed himself the merest hint of a smirk. No problem with congratulating oneself for a job well done. Time to find out what the general thought was so valuable.

There was a single picture of his family in the drawer, but it was blatantly obvious to the ghost that there was missing space in the drawer. That meant a false bottom.

The ghost took a narrow, hooked piece of metal from his belt and slowly inserted it into the crack between the wall of the drawer and the apparent bottom. A simple tug freed the false bottom and revealed some purple cloth. The ghost reached into the drawer and removed the false bottom entirely.

Sitting on the fabric was an object he had seen only once... Through a sniper rifle while on a battlefield with the Protoss.

A Kadarin Amulet.

Looks like General Wells would have some explaining to do.
The blue gem glittered when the light touched it and seemed to brighten. The ghost reached down to touch the gem, intent on removing it from its place so he could inspect it better.

Curiosity killed the cat.

An arc of blue lightning lept from the gem and sent the ghost flying into the far wall. Unfortunately for him, he bounced off the wall, hit the back of Well's chair, and landed hard on the floor. He would lie there unconscious for several hours.

Kadarin crystal has strange properties. Any scientist with more than a few days to study them could tell you that. It also seemed to have a habit of defending itself against aggressive actions, as anyone who tried to shoot it to pieces found out rather quickly... Not that much could damage it to begin with.

The drawer slid closed with a click, leaving the picture frame and false bottom (which now looked more like a clipboard without a clip) on the office floor.

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