In Glory We Return, Part 2

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12/09/2012 12:37 PMPosted by CrymsonRaven
"Don't ask... The Artifact Data?"

"Everything means everything. What you have is the personal logs and all the other stuff that not considered immediately relevant to the research. We are missing what the government would consider the important part."
"Pretty much... The normal classified data that has the information that they need from here... SO it's one of those then." Terri walked back to the computer, but what would they do?

Romeo was at the door, his shotgun at his side as he peered out of the door, checking for any signs of movement. "So far it's as quiet as you darkness... And what's the odds of there being a Hive down here?"
"There won't be any hives here. They are quite massive structures. You think one can fit inside a facility?"
"The log just said they burrowed through the walls. They could make room."

The Behemoth stops and takes a look at the burning cacoons. It was taking an interest of the burning infested coming out.
"Maybe. But they don't really need to build the structure from what I've seen. They can just repurpose what they find, once it's covered in creep it's just as good as anything else."
"True. But watch out for tunnels, even nydus worms could be in here."
"How long was it since the facility was attacked? A hive does not appear overnight-I'm picking up small movements..."
Jaden starts hearing metal cracking. He looks down and sees a Zerglings claw burst through the floor at his feet. He jumps out of the way and fires three Uranium bullets into its face as it pops through. He keeps his gun aimed right there. "Watch out, they may come from under us."
I listen for movement and hear the faint echo of an ultralisk roar. "How big are the halls deeper down, sir?"
"A typical ultralisk is a 20 meter long and 5 meter high. Those halls must be quite large to accommodate one if you heard the thing right."
"I'm hoping I didn't. However, we're only in the upper levels." I pull up the schematic. "The halls get larger the lower we get though, so...we'll see. Anyone bring heavy weapons just in case?"
"Macintsh has a chaingun and I shoot explosive/incendiary grenades."
"I don't think that sort of weponry will budge an ultralisk. I have seen one eat a tank shell to the face and continued onwards without giving a damn. We'd best just run if we come across one."
"Fortunately running from Zerg is SOP. Don't think there'll be any court martials for that."
I nod, still looking over the schematics. "Lots of halls too small for anything larger than a roach on the sides of the large ones. We should stick to that."
"If we do that, we should be fine as long as we don't run across any Banelings."
I freeze. Banelings, an infantryman's worst nightmare. "Let's all pray we avoid that gruesome fate. So far we know they have roaches, hydras and your standard zergling. Let's hope there's nothing else."
"You forgot infested terrans."
I grimace and nod. "Right, those too. If we're lucky, no infested marines."
"i doubt we will be that lucky sir." Actum says pulling back into the room with the rest of his squad.

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