In Glory We Return, Part 2

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"I see... OK men. Let's get moving. We don't have the time to clear every room in a three hundred level facility. Proceed directly to the elevator."
Romeo was near the point, his shotgun and bayonet ready to fire or stab, a grenade ready to be flung out towards a pile of Zerg.

Terri quickly closed in behind the others, her scanner would beep when any Zerg would enter the radius.
"Yes sir." Squad anonym responds, waiting for the firebats to take point before following close behind to provide covering fire.
"Yes sir! squad form up and watch your corners!" Actum says heading in the direction of the elevator as his squad forms up behind him.
I take a position just ahead of the firebats, blade ready. "Elevator's two hundred meters ahead. Hopefully it's all clear the whole way."
I take up the rear;
"Lets move!"
"You know, what if the elevator malfunctions and we are all stuck inside?" I ask aloud as I take point and listening closely to my motion tracker.
"dont just DONT say ANYTHING like that ever again. saying !@#$ like that makes it more likely to happen." Actum says to the idiot on point.
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Actum says to the idiot on point.


"Well aren't you prepared to face the worst. Didn't anyone teach you to always expect the worst in any given operations?"
"It's called jinxing yourself, dumb@$$." Rick retorts, his gun still trained ahead. "We are all aware of Murphy's Law, but the powers-that be especially like to screw over people who specifically point out something that could go wrong."
I look at Sergeant Actum. "Watch yourself, or you're getting contempt for a superior officer. That aside, Sergeant Chen has a point. Perhaps splitting up is a good idea so that if you do get stuck, you have someone to help you."

OOC: Too many damn Sergeants of any kind.
Jaden sticks to his sister's side, and checking every inch of wall, ceiling and floor for movement. "If we split up it is also more likely that we get murdered."
"I'm not superstitious and don't call me a dumb$$ when such information can save your life. I learned to always take precautions and stay vigilant against any unforeseen contingencies. The Zergs may be animals but they are not stupid. Either way, it's not my call. I'm not the CO of this operation."
"Nor am I. Splitting up is up to the General, but it's also a sound idea. Easier to kill off, however, depends on the awareness of the soldiers."
"How many floors does this place have again?" Macintosh asks. "Because we can always take the stairs instead of the tin can hanging on ropes."
"300 sub-levels. I don't trust there isn't a baneling in the elevator myself."
"Three hundred. What they're all for I'd rather not know."
I say dryly.
"If there are more of us there will be more firing, and less Zerg getting through if there is a massive wave." Jaden replies, barely holding back anger in his voice.
Terri was continuing with her scan, SMG ready to fire at anything that moved.

Romeo had a plan that might just work, if they needed to of course. "I have an idea... why don't the half of us stay up top and guard the elevator... While the others head for the primary objective?"
"And one well placed Baneling melts us all." I then shake my head. "We're all in here for a reason, otherwise we would have secured an LZ."

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