In Glory We Return, Part 2

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"I'm still surprised the elevator still works..."
I look at a couple wall panels and remove one, looking at the wiring. "The Zerg seem to have been fairly focused, and forgot about this place once the relic was gone. Least, the wiring suggests that much. have a point. Who knows what they did to the lower levels."
Romeo checked their six while Terri moved up, she answered the question to Chen. "The reason being... Is that even if the main power is down, there would most likely be an emergency power source powering the main equipment... But I doubt that since the steam power is working just as good."
"Coal? But how long would that last?" I mutter absentmindedly to myself.
"Maybe that's where any survivors are. The reason this place is still running."
"If we can find a control room, some place with cameras, we can check up on the places ahead and plan accordingly. We might even find survivors."

"Should we call the lift?"
Now would be an excellent time for Zanon to ninjapear.
///Brigadier Wells///
"Call the lift. Defensive positions along the corridor in case there is a baneling to boot."

The doors open and reveal two marines nailed to the back wall by hydralisk spines. One of them seems to still be breathing in short, gasping breaths.

Wells points at Pvt. Henry then makes a chopping motion towards the wounded marine. Pvt. Henry nods and approaches the marine.

///Pvt. Henry///
As indicated by the Brigadier, Henry quietly and swiftly approaches the marine, checking the sides an top of the elevator for zerg. Finding none, he lowers his weapon and moves to check on the injured marine. "Hold still, we are here to help."

The marine struggles to speak. "Please."
Private Henry shushes him quietly. "Don't speak."
The marine struggles to speak again. "Please..... Kill me." The injured marine raises the rifle clutched still clutched in his hand and empties the clip into Pvt. Henry.

Henry's power armor twitches for a moment as it tries to adjust to the sudden loss of so much of it's structure. The gyros loose the battle and Henry falls backward.

///Brigadier Wells///
Writing in 1st person from now on.

IC: I respond immediately, sending several gauss spikes into the marine's head.
"HELL'S BELLS!" Rick screams, and is the first of squad Anonym to fire into the mass of the marine being the closest. Moments later Michael trains his left arm at the abomination and fires, causing its torso to explode in a shower of blood and gore.
The Behemoth lunges foward, crushing the marine. It holds still for a moment before moving back, letting the remains hang there. I shot him in the head to make he was dead.

"We should burn the bodies. They spent enough time here already."
The elevaror makes a sound not unlike overstressed metal. A quick look reveals that one of the cables was damaged by the Gauss fire and another two had been broken entirely.
The steel cable is fraying rapidly and there is a ping as another wire snaps under the elevator's weight.

"Well !@#$ just hit the fan."
The squad manages to leap out of elevator, Macintosh helping Michael to his feet after the jump.
Romeo punched the side of a wall, his anger was clearly shown and he had a colorful vocabulary.

Terri herself was worried, this was the first time for her. "What do we do without an elevator? We either have to find another or take the stairs... And if we have to detonate this facility? One of us are going to have to sacrifice themselves and detonate it remotely."
"This facility should have many elevators considering it's 300 floors from top to bottom."
Romeo almost burst out with anger, almost grabbing Chen. "You don't understand do you!? What if all of the elevators are like this?"
"Then we walk," I reply coolly.
"Well, then we all get to have a newfound hatred of stairs as we go down up to 300 floors to get the artifact." Rick replies with a dry tone.
I nod;
"Who ever has the schematics for this place, find us the nearest elevator."

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