In Glory We Return, Part 2

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Romeo used up the rest of his anger to leave a !@#$ing dent in the wall. "Whatever we do... We should be careful, more careful than we already were. Because one wrong step is literally going to be our last."

Terri listened in closely as she went through the schematics, trying to find another access point.
"Likely, but this was caused by us. Next time, we all shouldn't spray so many bullets into one target."
Wells nods. "Yes. Ordering everyone to fire was my mistake. We will have to use the freight elevator now. I was hoping we would not have to because it is not enclosed like a normal elevator. Proceed another 100 meters down the hallway."
"Alright. Squad Anonym, form up." Michael said, the squad taking it's usual formation of Macintosh in front, Michael just behind and Rick and Jason on either side. They began to walk down the hallway, ready to blast apart any zerg that dared show themselves.
I move down the hallway, cursing. Freight elevators and Zerg had a history. One I had experienced first hand in Antitum. "Sir, are there no other elevators?"
Terri looked around on the schematics... Wells was right, at least in a way. "He's right, sir... But in a way there could be another one, but it could be damaged as well, which means the freight one would be the safest one down and up... That is without Zerg that is."
I curse;
"Great, we've got three craptastic options.. I say we take the freight elevator, the cables for it are probably stronger, but if it's not enclosed..."
I say, trailing off.
We reach the freight elevator.
"Stronger by far. This thing is designed to lift siege tanks and has an engineering factor of three. An ultralisk could ride the thing with all of us and not slow down a mite. Everybody in."
I sigh and step on, looking above us for Hydralisks. They had a bad habit of dropping in on infantry.
Wells deftly moves several levers on the lift controls and it begins to descend.
"Eyes up. I don't think anything is going to drop in on us, but it's not impossible."
"Well ahead of you sir." I had my pistol trained upwards, firing a flare every few hundred feet to make visibility better. "Sir, do you think, if there are any survivors, that they may be hiding in the coal feeders to the steam generators?"
Romeo motioned for one of the other troops to help him move crates into a more defensible cover situation. Then next was a Supply Pylon, creating ammunition in small supply but far more effective that carrying tons of the stuff into battle or for sustained firefights.

Terri was trying to hack the mechanical construct that was used to carry heavy crates and 'specimens'.
Master squad watchs the 'sky' while Actum helps Romeo with moving crates around.
"There are no survivors. I was foolish enough to hope so in the elevator. I was hoping that just this once the Zerg had left someone behind. Someone they had missed."

Well's eyes seem to grow distant as he scans the shaft above.

"But in all my years fighting the Zerg, that has never happened. Keep your thoughts on the mission."

The elevator comes to a grinding halt.
SL 300
"Ok boys. Everybody out and watch your angles."
He pulls a lever and the mesh screens separate, revealing a hallway.
I step out, silently hating myself for asking the question. Why bother? Odds are they're in the process of being infested anyways. I take up a position watching a hallway at an intersection as the others unload, my gunblade at the ready.
An extremely disturbing sight meets the group as everyone exits the elevator.

Zerg bodies rent asunder line both sides of the hallway. None of them bear the distinctive holes of Gauss fire, nor the cleaner rends of tooth and claw. These look more like they were ripped apart by a giant and flung aside violently.

Blood covers the walls in spatters that remind you oddly of 21st century Earth 'Art' though how anyone could call random spatters art is beyond you. Dead Zerg isn't a bad thing, but you still wonder what could have done this.
I shake my head. "Sir, less trouble for us, yes, but couldn't whatever did this be more?"
"Yea, whatever did this could still be here." Michael says as squad anonym took up their usual formation as they walked down the hallway, half expecting some beast to randomly appear from a corner.
"That's... not exactly encouraging."

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