In Glory We Return, Part 2

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"F*ck, Brigadiar Down! Get a medic over here, and somebody tell me where the hell that bullet came from!" Michael screams out, then orders Macintosh to open up into the hallway that went back to the elevator. Rick and Jason attempt to to provide covering fire for Romeo as he started dragging the two bodies.

"Look, I don't know about you guys," Michael says, attempting to figure out where the two shots came from "But we need to pull out! Something tells me that girl was the actual objective, and assuming Well's isn't already dead, we need to get him to the infirmary!"
Romeo had heard the bullets flinging across the room, hoping to catch someone in their wrath. He had managed to drag the two behind a crate near the freight elevator that wasn't that far away. {I say we blow the !@#$ out of this place! We'll find out where the bomb is and I'll place my own that is remotely detonated. It will be safer and it'll still activate the other bomb... How much do you bet that Ghost's are here?!}
"Damnit, please don't tell me they formed up this entire squad without a single medic!" Michael yells in frustration. He orders Squad Anonym to make their way to the elevator to make sure the ghost didn't get a chance to leave, taking up their usual formation of Macintosh in front, Michael behind and Rick and Jason on either side.
{We don't blow the place. No one will make it out in time.} I was looking around for the characteristic shipper of air that marked where a ghost was. {Watch yourself Romeo, he may be making a run for it.} I decide to try and contact Command and inform them of the situation. {{Command, this is Captain Teo. General Wells is hurt and we request immediate evac for him on the female convict Terri. There's a rogue Ghost in here.}} I chuckle inwardly. Rogue my @ss. Probably sent by command to secure the girl.
Romeo didn't care... He was blowing this place up to kingdom come. {No can do... Sir... I'll plant explosives and then we run like hell, once we get out then I'll detonate the charge that I placed and it will create a chain reaction.}
"What the hell is our objective now?" I yell.

I shot the gun over my head in the direction of the bullets.
{That's a negative convict, or do I need to remove your fingers?} I fired where the bullets had come from as well, hoping to hit something or at least keep them from running.
Jaden looks around, his rifle aiming where the average sized persons head would be. He makes sure Irene is all right and sends her to check if Well's was alive. He watches the locations the bullets came from and saw a pattern, he fires at the next location that he expected the person to be, but they weren't there. "Damn it." A bullet comes out and slams into the gut of his armor, piercing most of it, but not quite making it through, it still bruised Jaden quite a bit. He gets behind cover. He yells at the Ghost, "Go to hell!"
"I'm moving to his right flank! Photogenic optics activated."
I fire another series of rounds, hoping to hit him. "Keep him pinned!"
{Then you are down one less man...} Romeo turned off his comm and ran through another section, he was going to blow this place up, even if it was not direct orders.
I curse. "Some one find that convict and cuff his sorry @ss!"
Jaden takes off where he last saw the convict, his gut may hurt, but it wasn't going to slow him down. {On it.}
IC: I thought... but what does this mean?...
Staying in cover as best I can, I duck back to the Brigadiar's daughter;
"You said the invisible man? can you tell me where he is now?..."
I ask.
Romeo was moving quicker, jumping over bodies and shooting anything that would get in the way. If needed... He would sacrifice himself to blow this place up to go against orders, it's time for some true Freedom!
Wells stands looking for all the world like fury incarnate.

He grabs a grenade from his belt. Not a standard anti infantry, but an old fashioned frag grenade that was really only useful against unarmored targets. They were most commonly used to quell revolts when the enemy did not have power armor. You could detonate one of these a meter from a marine in armor and not slow him down. Anything less armored than that (like a ghost) would feel it big time. One wonders why Wells would have a weapon who's intended use is so... objectionable.

He pulls the pin and tosses it to the far side of the room. He steppes over to Clare, pushing the marine standing over her aside and jamms his combat shield into the ground between her and the grenade.

I shot him in the head. He must be dead. But... The ghost watches the grenade roll to a stop not a meter and a half from him.
[Never say die.]
The voice on the other end of the radio was confused. [What? Say again. We have lost your signal. I repeat. We have lost your signal.]
I shield my head as shrapnel bounces off my armor; the hell?...
I look at shredded ghost;
"Well that wasn't good news... What's the plan now, Sir?"
I ask.
I raise my visor, looking at the dead and shredded ghost. "So trying to inform Command was a waste of time then."
I walk up to the ghost. The transponder was still working. I remove it from the ghost's splattered body and throw it to Wells who catches it.

"Helluva a chance to survive a gunshot to the head General. There's still a signal in that transponder. I think you might want to know who's on the other end."

I examine the ghost's body for any other things of interest.
I nod in thanks. Gruffen my voice a little so that the tone will sound more neutral on the transmitter. [Say again.]

There is a relieved sigh. [You had me worried operative 39. Is Wells dead?]

[General Curston?!] I almost smack myself for saying that out loud. There goes any chance I had of fooling him.

[How do you know my name operative 39? That information was withheld from you.]

Forget trickery. This guy is a shining example of corrupt scum in the military. This will get him dishonorably discharged and thrown in jail.
[This isn't operative 39 General. This is Brigadier General Wells. Command will be interested to know that you sanctioned the assassination of a fellow officer.]

[How are you still alive?!]

[I'd tell you, but I like having some aces that I can play more than once. Goodbye General.]
I turn off the transmitter.

///Pvt. Hanson///
This is too much. First the zerg, and now our own government trying to kill us. I take a few steps outside and open my visor. This is just-

The thought is interrupted by a sudden pain in my throat. I try to gasp in pain but can't. I look down and see something grey sticking out of my throat. An unseen creature lifts me up silently and pulls me away from the door.

My vision is beginning to cloud when the creature turns me around. A changelings many eyes stare emotionlessly at me. I watch in horror as eyes disappear and the face rearranges itself to mach my own.

A voice comes around the corner. "You OK over there Hanson?"

"Yes. Be there in a second sir." The creature replies as it pulls its hand out of my throat. It picks up my rifle. The last thing I see before my vision goes entirely dark is the word 'incinerator'. Looks like I get cremated. Ironic, that's what I put in my will.

The last sensation I feel is falling. Then nothing.

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